The Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ Review

Right now is the perfect time to get all of your fishing equipment ready for next year. It is cold, and not many places allow fishing besides ice fishing. Plus, who wants to be out in the cold fishing this time of the year anyways unless you are in Florida? If when you were going through your equipment you discovered that you needed a new sonar, then this review is for you. It will allow you to decide if the deeper smart sonar pro+ review helps you. Keep reading to find out.

Benefit of Customer When They Use Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ 2.55” Black

There are numerous benefits to using this deep sonar as opposed to others. Here are just a few:

  • Wireless: This sonar is wireless and can be used on a boat in any location. You can fish on a lake, river, pond or ocean with this sonar. The deeper the water the better.
  • Battery life: The battery life is about five and a half hours long. It has more battery life than other sonars. The battery can be easily recharged on the boat if you have an outlet or a charger. This allows you to fish longer.
  • Works in both fresh and salt water. Some sonars are made for fresh water, while others are made for salt water. You can use it in a fresh water lake or in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It will work anywhere.
  • Has a build in GPS. How else will you know where you are or how far you are from land? If the GPS fails on your boat or phone, then this sonar will get you back safely to land.

What Outstanding Features?

There are numerous benefits to using this deep sonar as opposed to others. Here are just a few:

  • Has a Wi-Fi connection. In this 24/7/365 world, we need to have wireless even when we are out fishing. You never know when someone will need to reach you. Plus, you can send pictures of your fish that you caught right away.
  • Charges in just 2 hours. I wish my phone charged that quickly. You can go from zero battery life to a full charge in just 2 hours. Sounds like an outstanding feature to me.
  • The Wi-Fi connects to your cell phone so you do not need to use your data while out fishing. Leave your other mobile Wi-Fi device at home so it does not get damaged in the water.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Let’s look at a pro con list to see if there are more advantages or disadvantages for you if purchasing.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Let’s look at a pro con list to see if there are more advantages or disadvantages for you if purchasing.

  • Q: Will it operate in deep wood lakes even if there is a Wi-Fi problem?

A: Yes. It has its own Wi-Fi built into the sonar. No needing to use your cell phone or tablets data. You are good to go with just this sonar. You can even use its Wi-Fi for you tablet or cell phone so you can save your data for a rainy day.

  • Q: Where can you purchase this sonar?

A: I always recommend purchasing any piece of fishing equipment on Amazon. It is usually the cheapest place to purchase anything. Just make sure you purchase it from a trusting seller. You can read the reviews to see if it is authentic or not. If not from Amazon, I will purchase outdoor equipment from REI on Dicks. Both sell online. REI will only see the good sonars too, so always take a look there if you have a store near you.

  • Q: Why isn’t my sonar synching with my phone?

A: It can only be synched when the sonar is on the water. Otherwise it will not synch. It makes sense since you only use the sonar while it is in the water, right?

  • Q: Why won’t the app install on my Kindle Fire?

A: Simple. The app is not compatible with the Kindle Fire so it will not download on it.

  • Q: Where can I find the password for the Wi-Fi?

A: It is simple. All of the passwords are the same. The default password is 12345678


After reading all of this information about the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+, A Smarter Tip fish finder guide, I think it is a good buy. Look at which seller has the best return or exchange program and purchase it from there. This will make a great Christmas or Hanukkah gift for any member in your family who loves fishing. You can bring it on trips with you around the world. Personally, I would bring it over to Scotland and see if I can locate the Loch Ness monster with it! Why not? It will be fun for the whole family.

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