A Guide To The Best GPS Fish Finder

Use of fishfinders has increased greatly in a past few years. Commercial and recreational anglers prefer a best gps fishfinder over other traditional methods of fishing as a fishfinder is a time-saving gadget. The sounders or fishfinders are designed to give you high fish rate in less time. Whereas in the traditional fishing method, you have to wait for hours, holding on to the fishing rod or sitting by the shore, waiting for the fish to get stuck in it.

How do best gps fishfinder help in angling?

A fishfinder is a device laced with many advanced technologies, to bring the best sonar information from the underwater terrain. Unlike the traditional angling, using marine device would give you detailing imaging of what is going on under the water. Most of the fishfinders are designed to function in all the conditions from kayaking, boating, to ice fishing.

How do Fishfinders work?


A transducer is mounted on the hull of the boat. It sends sonar waves to the depth of the water. If any sonar activity happens within its range, the transducer turns these sound waves into images that are instantly displayed on the fishfinder’s screen.

LCD Screen

All the fishfinders have a screen that displays these sonar images. The screens are both colored and black and white. Most of the latest fishfinders come with 3D imaging of the underwater world.

Sonar Beams

Each fishfinder varies in the number of sonar beams. Some have dual or multiple sonar beams and some come with a single beam.

Fish Targets

The fish targets detected by the sonar beam can be displayed in two ways. Either as the fish arch or fish ID symbol.

GPS Technology

GPS technology can be a great help for angling. But not all the fishfinders have a GPS with them. In most of the cases, you have to buy a GPS separately to get the full benefits of angling.

The Function of GPS in Angling?

GPS stands for global positioning system. It would detect the position of an area in longitude and latitude. The info gathered by a GPS is easily transferred to other marine devices. Most of the time, anglers purchase this GPS unit separately and interlink it to the fishfinder to get the best results.

What is GPS Fishfinder?

These days’ fishfinders GPS combo are getting quite trendy. These combos are normally used for mid-sized boats. They are kind of navigational guides to the fishing spots. And also keep the track record of the areas you have angled, previously.

Types of GPS Fishfinders

There are three basic types of GPS fishfinders.

  1. Standalone fishfinders
  2. Networked system
  3. Combination fishfinder/ Chartplotter

Let’s take a closer look at each of it.
Standalone Fishfinders
These are the cheapest marine devices that would guide you about the fishing structures right under your boat. It’s a perfect choice for small boat anglers with reasonable price. If you want to add a GPS sensor unit, you always have the option. This addition would turn your device into chartplotter combo.
Networked System
Networked fishfinders are fully supportive of other data sources like SiriusXM satellite radio, radar, GPS charts etc. some of these even come with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support. Such devices can be controlled from your android and iOS devices.
Combination Fishfinders
Perfect for mid-sized boats, it skillfully navigates through the fishing area. A GPS would help efficiently in locating best waterways in the area. It also has a history feature, that keeps your whole fishing spot’s history saved.

Why choose a GPS Fishfinder?

As I already mentioned, many anglers buy a separate GPS device. To them, it’s quite enough for angling. But there are many fishfinders that are manufactured with a built-in GPS. Why should one choose a combo instead of a separate one? Here are some uses of a combo unit GPS fishfinder.

  • Buying a combo would save you a lot of money. Buying two separate would definitely cost you more.
  • It’s easy to install. If you buy two separate devices, you would install them separately. But in a combo fishfinder, you simply install a single unit.
  • It’s a simple option that would surely simplify a lot of things for you.

Products reviews of  best fishfinders with GPS combo

  1. Raymarine Dragonfly-4 Pro Sonar/GPS with US C-Map Essentials

    High Imagery
    The device not only guarantees conventional sonar but it is also technically enabled to provide you with high imagery with wide-spectrum CHIRP down vision technology.
    50 Channel GPS
    The built-in GPS combo in the device is laced with C-Map chart. It makes sure you get a detailed info about various waterways like lakes, rivers and ponds in the US as well as superb navigation experience.the best gps fishfinder reviews 01
    The device is highly compatible with Lighthouse Vector, raster charts, hot maps, and sonar charts.Wi-Fi Technology
    The device has a built-in Wi-Fi. You can easily connect your smartphone or tab with it. It makes live streaming possible. At the same time, you can share your angling experience with co-anglers.
    Display Screen
    The combo fishfinder has an all-weather high definition colored LCD screen. It offers bright colors with sharp contrasts that make imaging more life-like.

    CHIRP Down Vision
    Its CHIRP down vision performance makes it superior to other of its kind. This function is designed to give you the real-time sonar imaging. And the clarity of images makes it possible to identify the underwater target. And targeting the prey becomes easy with conventional CHIRP sonar channel.
    SD Card
    The device features micro SD card reader. It gives you a wide memory option.
    Sonar Beam
    Dragonfly 4 pro offers dual sonar beam that ensures that the user has the most appropriate underwater findings.
    The device can explore the water as deep as 600.

  2. Humminbird 409620-1 HELIX 5 DI FishFinder with Down-Imaging and GPS

    This amazing fishfinder combo is functional in both fresh and salty water. Humminbird’s Helix 5 DI GPS comes with various sonar capabilities.
    Down Imaging
    The down imaging feature gives you well-detailed and clear images of the underwater.the best gps fish finder reviews 002
    Dual Beam Plus
    The feature has the capacity to brilliantly adjust the sensitivity to tune the sonar returns. The dual beam technology brilliantly detects the sonar activity within this specific area.
    All the sonar readings are instantly displayed on a 5 LED backlit display. It displays the twisting temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. The data can also be viewed in split screen option.

    Transom Mounted Transducer
    This high capacity transducer is laced with multi-coverage angles. It allows you to adjust the coverage according to the depths to get the best sonar returns.
    Internal GPS Antenna
    The built-in GPS antenna would always keep you aware of your location and speed. You can keep your favorite waypoints marked for the future trips. It would remain secured in the device. The GPS can keep the record of about 2750 waterways from the US.
    UNI-Map Cartography
    It covers the fishing areas like the US coastline, lakes, and rivers. Even, more maps of north American waterways can be uploaded to the device. Micro SD card slot can be used to enhance the memory.


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