Guide To The Best Catfish Rod

You’ll concur with us that the best catfish rod is the most productive approach to enhance catch rates. The main issue, however, is finding the best catfish rods for your needs.

We’ve made a rundown of the current, highest ranking catfish rods in the market. After a thorough research and analysis of the best ones, we’ve concocted the five incredible options and you will see which one is the best catfish rod for the money.

These catfish rods offer everything from greatest sturdiness to maneuverability. But before we get to the top 5 catfish rods, let’s take a look into what makes the best catfish and how to distinguish the best from regular fishing rods.

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Choosing The Best Catfish Rod

With regards to choosing a fishing pole particularly for catfish, there are a few considerations to mull over. What’s more, the vast majority of them rely on your target species. A few of us jump at the chance to work with little channel fish while others lean toward the fantastic blue catfish. So what’s your objective?

1. Catfish Types And Rod Choice

There are three species of catfish; channels, blues, and flatheads. These distinctive types of catfish are altogether different from various perspectives, as are the systems used to catch them.

For instance, if focusing on flathead catfish, it’s common to draw baits and after that leave angling rods in rod holders for an extended timeframes without moving them.

For the channel catfish or blue catfish, one may employ a similar technique however similarly as effective is angling with the rod in hand and holding the rod for a long period. It’s conceivable to have gear that’s appropriate for all types of catfish yet that may not be the best decision.

2. What Type of Angler Are You?

Knowing exactly what you want goes a long way in determining your most suitable rod. Some anglers go for quantity over quality, and they want to catch them as fast as it can get. They get a bigger catfish occasionally on mischance, but that’s not their objective. Usually, they’re after the action and staying active while angling and catching as many fish as the situation can allow.

Such anglers need the best catfishing rods that can last through extended fishing periods, allow for fast action and still durable enough. Their bias on quantity is sometimes because there are no large catfish populations in their regions or maybe that’s just their preference. These fishermen usually target channel catfish and blue catfish.

Another set of anglers are the trophy hunters; they prioritize quality rather than quantity. They’re usually after enormous catfish and don’t have any intent or desire to go after smaller fish. These anglers need sturdy gear that is fit for landing the greatest channels, blues, and flatheads. Trophy seekers concentrate all their efforts on catching huge catfish.

3. What Material Makes The Best Catfish Rod?

Rods come in a variety of materials, from the basic e-glass to the advanced s-glass, graphite and carbon fiber.

1. E-Glass

E-glass: these are the lower end rods on the spectrum. Spinning rods produced using E-glass are extremely famous with catfish fishermen in light of the fact that the material is exceptionally solid and holds up well. They are powerful but heavier and less delicate than different styles of fishing rods.

Think of an E-glass rod as a workhorse; strong, durable and takes some abuse. You can truly battle a tough fish with an E-glass rod and use the rod to land it, maul it and it won’t snap. E-glass has been regarded as the standard material for catfish rods.

2. S-Glass

S-glass: it’s an advanced version with a better performance than the e-glass. S-glass is more grounded – has about double the modulus of E-glass making it a substantially stronger material. Notwithstanding being more grounded and stronger, s-glass is lighter, and that helps in reducing the general weight of the fishing rod.

This material has turned out to be progressively well-known recently as anglers proceed to advance and use new catfishing methods that call for greater sensitivity. The demand for lighter rods is also on the increase, and s-glass is much lighter thus can be held for extended timeframes yet still needs strength at the same time.

And since s-glass is an unrivaled item, it’s more costly than E-glass, so they’re fewer manufacturers that use it to manufacture fishing rods.

3. Graphite

Graphite: these fishing rods are lighter, more sensitive but less strong and for the most part less powerful. This implies if you are holding a graphite rod and casting or using strategies where you’ll have the rod in your grasp for extended periods it’s significantly more comfortable to hold.

The distinction in sensitivity between a graphite rod and an E-glass fishing rod is night and day. Graphite allows you to feel a great deal more than E-glass. In the event that you are holding a graphite fishing rod and a catfish is “snacking” on the bait you’ll feel everything. This doesn’t imply that you won’t feel a thing with the e-glass yet there’s a noteworthy contrast.

The inconvenience of graphite is that they are significantly less tough; they break effortlessly and can be harmed easily. In case you inadvertently hit a graphite angling rod against an object while casting, it might break. And the fact that they are less powerful means you can’t hook up a 50-pound catfish; that will be an easy route to disaster.

4. Carbon Fibers

Carbon fibers: they rank a bit higher above graphite. They combine some of the qualities of E-glass and graphite and, of course, that comes at a price. Carbon fibers fishing rods are moderately new to the catfish scene and are not something many catfish anglers will need to pay for until they get a bit experience.

So What Material Suits Particular Catfish?

Most catfish fishing rods are made from E-glass for the obvious reasons. They are cost friendly, durable and quite portable. When fishing for smaller catfish, they are sensitive enough to feel catfish biting yet strong enough to land a larger catfish. Hence why these can be the best catfish rod for bank fishing especially if you have a heavy duty catfish rod and reel combo.

If you‘re targeting channel catfish and in large numbers, a graphite fishing rod will be a perfect choice. If you plan to catch blues and flatheads, then E-glass and s-glass will be the best choice. They’ll offer more durability and extra power to assist in landing larger fish and hold up in tough situations. You will need the best catfish rod and reel combo for this.

4. Handle Length

Much the same as with longer rod lengths longer handles offer superior strength and control. If you are anticipating angling for bigger catfish species, you’ll need to search for a catfish pole that has a more drawn out handle. Not exclusively does this take into account more power and control, yet it likewise makes the fishing rod more flexible, taking into consideration the rod to be taken care of in an assortment of various positions.

Reviews of Our Top 5 Picks

best castfish rod 001

The Entsport 2-piece 7-feet Casting Rod is popular for its tremendous strength and solidness. The use of carbon fiber adds to the sturdy construction of the rod plus improves sensitivity. Such construction may persuade that the angling rod is substantially heavy, but you’d be forgiven to think so. The rod’s graphite components contribute to the light weight of the rod. They also go a long way in keeping up a low level of exhaustion. This is one of the best fishing rods for catfish pole setup.

The aluminum hoods are corrosion resistant while the split grips made from high-density EVA adds to control and comfortable fishing. The reel seats feature an ergonomic design plus have been opened up for direct contact with your fingers. The guides are spaced with precision to minimize friction while maximizing casting performance and sensitivity.

Perhaps the only drawback with this rod is that the bolt usually breaks and slides after serious abuse. But, it can always be fixed by pushing it back with some force.


  • Corrosion resistant line guides.
  • Strong carbon fiber construction.
  • Lightweight.
  • EVA-equipped foam grips for comfort.
  • Perfectly spaced guides for improved casting performance.


  • Bolt usually comes off after several uses.
  • The handle makes a squeaking sound.

What makes the Rippin Lips Super Cat Casting Rod standout among the best is the advanced S-glass construction. It’s a stronger fiberglass specifically designed for fishing rods as opposed to the original E-class meant for non-angling jobs. The S-glass offers optimal strength, smoothness and extra sensitivity.

Another unique feature about this rod is the custom EVA split ergonomic grip handle. It provides superior balance for fighting big catfish plus increased power for positioning hooks and snug underarm fit while angling. Equipped with extra tough, chrome-plated stainless steel guides; this rod gives an assurance of corrosion-resistance which is why its one of the best rods for catfishing.

All wrap guides feature an epoxy coating for extra protection and sturdiness. To ensure no bite goes unnoticed even at night, the rod tips glows for visibility of the highest level.


  • Epoxy coating for better protection.
  • Glowing tip for nighttime visibility.
  • EVA grip handle.
  • Superior strength.
  • One of the best catfish pole.


  • Doesn’t come with a cork handle.
  • The rod is too light for medium heavy action.

Shakespeare is popular for manufacturing fishing rods of superior performance. And the Shakespeare 2-piece medium heavy action is no exception. This is the best cost-effective catfish spinning rods that offers enhanced sensitivity. Such a quality makes it less demanding for you to feel each draw of the biting fish with your catfish fishing gear set up.

Worked with stainless steel, the fishing rod gives the best strength. Another extraordinary component of this rod is the addition of EVA grasps. These are combined with momentous rubber gimbals to put the rod solidly in your grip. This rod is made out of 2 bits of high-quality tubular glass blanks and stainless steel twofold footed guides which give both precision and preeminent solidness. Definitely one of the best fishing poles for catfish.

The main downside with this fishing rod is that it’s a bit too overwhelming to work with. But, it appears to justify everything once you land a monster fish. If you are serious about fishing, this fishing rod is the best you can get as it stands up to elements without any problem. Its defintely the best fishing pole for big catfish.


  • It offers incredible control.
  • EVA grips offer safety when handling big catfish.
  • Stainless steel construction for durability.
  • Cost-effective.


  • A bit heavy to work with.

Here’s another masterpiece by the famous fish hardware manufacturing brand Shakespeare. The Ugly Stik catfish Tiger collection comprises of flexible poles appropriate for getting all types of catfish. It implies you can use the Shakespeare One-Piece Medium Heavy Action to target monster catfish. Its like one of those custom catfish rods.

The most striking element is the mix of two significant components. First is the Fuji graphite-prepared reel seats and the heavy-duty stainless steel padded hoods. Such a blend offers extra toughness and affectability thus taking much abuse from big fish. It’s also equipped with quick action tips and tough reinforced battling butts.

What you’ll maybe dislike about this bar is the inefficient power to give Medium Heavy activity. It’s stated to give MH action, but the power is more medium. Nonetheless, the rod performs incredibly well in landing larger fish. and is considered one of the big catfishing rods.


  • Reinforced fighting butts offer great performance.
  • Fiberglass structure and graphite core for extra toughness.
  • Cushioned stainless steel hoods for comfortable handling.
  • Can stand abuse from larger fish.


  • Not enough power for Medium Heavy action.
  • Ranks low in terms of design.

The Shakespeare Wild Cat Casting Rod is particularly intended to pull in those large catfish. This extreme rod is dependable and won’t purge your wallet. Featuring a patented clear tip, the rod provides enhanced sensitivity making it less demanding for anglers to see and feel the draw of gnawing fish.

The double-footed stainless steel guides work to upgrade the general toughness of the rod, working to guarantee the angling line remains set up even all through the hardest battles. It’s equipped with EVA grips with rubber gimbals which help to keep the catfish rod firm and secure inside your hands. This feature comes in handy especially when trying to get an overwhelming catfish. The EVA foam also resists getting slick and slippery when sprinkled with water.

It measures 7-feet which is considerably great for use and control over hooked fish. Add the medium heavy power on top of this and you’ll be successful in hunting monster catfish.


  • Patented clear tip provides unmatched sensitivity.
  • Double-footed stainless steel guides for extra toughness.
  • EVA grips offer a secure fit.
  • Offers great control on hooked fish.
  • Excellent rod for large catfish.


  • It’s somehow heavy to fish with.

Wrap up

Catfish fishing is satisfying once you have the right fishing line, circle hooks, tackle etc, It’s by far the best catfish rod in the industry and will land you monster fish one after the other. The carbon fiber used on this rod provides tons of strength and the stainless steel guides ensure high-level durability. Combined with the graphite elements, this rod stands as the most sensitive, flexible and versatile.

We trust this guide and the five catfish reviews assisted you in finding the best catfish rod to work with. Regardless of what fishing rod you’ve picked, the most important thing is to get out of the water and begin building up your techniques and preferences.

 Generally, the best choice in catfishing rods greatly relies upon you; Your fishing gear and what you can pack into the day.

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