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Hello and welcome to gigafishing.com!

My name is Paul and I am a self-proclaimed fishing enthusiast from New Zealand! I started fishing as a child with my dad on camping trips in the UK. When i was 8 we moved to New Zealand and we started trying sea and beach fishing. This is where my love of sea fishing came about.

fishing paul

I got my own rod with a small tackle box, when i was around , it was a short 5 ft boat rish which i still own to this day. From there when i was 15 i got a new 8 ft medium spinning rod that was suitable as a small surfcaster. many adventures later and many fish caught I was given my dads old solid fiberglass 12 ft surfcaster where i used until i left home. I still have this also.

I am a well-rounded fisherman with a wide array of expertise; both fresh and saltwater, from land, from boats, and different types of line and tying knots. The main knots have kept my lines tight for many years

I have fished all around New Zealand and some parts of Australia and the UK

Ive fished from rocks for small land based fishing and from wharfs and beaches where i have stood all day.

landbased fishing

Ive won fishing competitions on the Daiwa circuit and had sharks swim directly underneath my feet while fishing off a rock in shallow 10 ft water.
Ive had Orcas jump 20 metres from the boat while pulling in nets as a 10 yr old off the coast of NZ to which i remember still to this day like it was yesterday despite it being 47 years ago.

Even the times I’ve sat on a boat all day to come back empty handed were still a joy just being out on the water enjoying nature.


There is always more to learn, and fishing has a way of bringing people together. Now I want to share my knowledge with you.

I hope from my blog you will learn when and how to use fish finders, and even the best stance to take when finally catching the big one.

Tight Lines