About Us

Hello and welcome to gigafishing.com!

My name is William C. Garcia and I am a self-proclaimed fishing expert! I started fishing as a child with my dad. While very little he would take me to the local pond and we would use sticks and vines to catch small fish. He thought I was too young to deal with hooks and baits, but wanted me to get a feel for fishing and not be afraid to touch a fish that happened to be the skirmish. Being young and observant and that close to the fish I got to watch their swimming and eating patterns, which developed an early fascination.


As I grew older we finally begin using real fishing equipment, I even got my own rod with a small tackle box, but my dad was right; I thought to put a worm on the hook was the grossest thing ever! After I caught my first fish that feeling changed. Seeing the power, that worm brought me I was more than eager to hook more. I really enjoyed that time with my dad. We continued fishing until he left for the big pond in the sky.

Now, as a grown-up, I am a well-rounded fisherman with a wide array of expertise; both fresh and saltwater, from land, from boats, and different types of line and tying knots. Catching freshwater bass is probably my favorite, but I also enjoy catching the big ones! They present more of a challenge, but also the best bragging rights.

I’ve had the privilege to fish in every major ocean, a multitude of lakes, and simple ponds all over the earth. I’ve had some major fishing blunders (most I’m too embarrassed to share here, but let’s just say my first big bite almost got the best of me), but, all in all, some fun times. Even the times I’ve sat on a boat all day to come back empty handed were still a joy just being out on the water enjoying nature.

I think experience makes for the best teacher, but I have attended seminars all over the country to learn better techniques from some of the fishing masters. I figure learning from their experiences is a great learning tool as well. There is always more to learn, and fishing has a way of bringing people together. Now I want to share my knowledge with you.

I hope from my blog you will learn proper line usage, knot tying, the various types of bait to use and in the appropriate situations, when and how to use fish finders, and even the best stance to take when finally catching the big one. This blog is for the novice and expert alike.

Thanks for reading, and happy fishing!