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Learning about kayak fishing for beginners. Kayak is a mean of transportation. It were a flat from the bottom, long and pointed in shape, hull. It has this particular design to fulfill a specific purpose. Unlike the conventionally styled boats, these are capable of passing through narrow waterways to reach the species in the secret spots. A kayak is;

  • Eco-friendly
  • Comfortable seating space
  • Good for health (exercise)
  • Low costbest fish finder for kayak

Benefits of Kayaking in Fishing

Kayak can be used in both fresh and salty water. It suits the anglers in many ways. A kayak comes with no motor, so a quieter and the private kayak would not give any sign of your arrival to the fish. You would witness more of this activity in the warmer regions of US. Some primary benefits of choosing kayak over a traditional boat are as under;

  • These are more affordable than traditional boats
  • Kayak’s maintenance would charge quite less
  • Kayaks are easy to store (take less space)
  • Can be launched quickly
  • Kayaks can easily be customized for fishing with the fishing stuff like rod holders, GPS receivers, equipment mounts, and specially designed hatches.

Kayak Fishing Techniques

Most of the fishing techniques in kayak fishing are the same as in the traditional boat fishery. The only difference is about setting up the equipment and how the anglers can manage in such a quiet space. Professional fishfinders can mount the fishing accessories like anchor trolleys, rod holder, fish finder and live bait containers.

Kayak Fishing Equipment

What you get is a simple hull. The other accessories to mount in a kayak include;

  • Seats
  • Skirts
  • Mounts
  • Pedal drives
  • Supports
  • Bungees
  • Hatches
  • Crates
  • Rod holders
  • Appropriate apparel to stay dry

Kayak Fishing Tips

  • Dress Properly
    Don’t forget to dress properly before going for kayaking. Besides PFD, also wear the dress should be good enough to protect you from water and cold.
  • Don’t lean out!
    Falling in the water is quite often in kayak fishing. Many times when the anglers get a big target, a constant tug of war between them results in the fall of the angler. For preventing any such situation, keep your head straight. In kayak fishing, your body follows your head.
  • Move in Circle
    For getting the better fishing rate, we recommend you to run a circular route, this way you may get more species to target.
  • Use some Maps
    Using a map like a google earth for planning fishing areas would help you get to the desired destination earlier, and you would not have to paddle extra.
  • Well-planned Kayaking
    It is highly recommended to have a prior look at the natural facts like weather, season of species and phases of the moon before planning the trip.
  • Safety first
    A small first aid kit should always be in your kayak. It must be in a watertight container, and it must be within your reach.

Use of Angling Electronics in Kayak Fishing

Outfitting your kayak with latest angling electronics can prove a great help while fishing. Using a technically-advanced GPS unit would assist you in store some of the best fishing spots for you. A GPS for Kayak fishing can be both;

  • Watertight, portable unit
  • Traditional GPS and sonar combo

Fish finders for Kayak Fishing

For getting a higher fish rate in kayak fishing, using a fishfinder can be one of the best alternatives.
Instead of keeping on the paddling exercise and waiting for the fish, use of a fish finder is a sure shot guarantee of saving your time and raising your fish rate.

Things to look for in a fish finder or Kayaking

  • Range of frequencies
    Rates play a significant role in the operation of a fishfinder. Fishfinders are available at multiple frequencies. High rates function well in shallow water and lower frequencies in deep. So whatever your target area is, profound or shallow, choose accordingly.
  • Cone Angles
    Cone angles are a common feature in every fishfinder. Functioning of a cone angle varies with in-depth and shallow water. Cone angles with wider beam are best for shallow water and single beam for deep. So whatever depths you are going to explore, choose the one according to that.
  • Power
    The power of any fishfinder greatly affects its functionality. If you are a professional angler that fishes in the deep water, buy a fish finder with high power wattage. And for recreational fishing, in shallow water, power should be little.
  • Screen size and colors
    A large screen of the fish finder would show the underwater terrain clearer than the small ones. The colors also matter. A colored screen would display different depth structures, fish arches and plantation in the base more apparently. At the same time, a brighter screen works better in broad day sunlight.
  • GPS
    Whether to choose a fishfinder for a kayak with GPS or not? The answer is the same. It depends on your area. Island, inshore fishing does not require a GPS. But if for commercial anglers, who visit too far off areas, swamps, marshes and lakes must have one.
  • Lightweight/small
    Look for the one that is light in weight and small size. Overburdening a kayak with extra kilos can end in misbalancing of the kayak or overweight the gunwale.

Fish Hunter Military Grade Portable Fish Finder 3.0 Review

  • Size and Portability
    It’s a small portable and light weight fish finder and depth finder. We consider it best for kayak fishing because of its light and small size. In kayaking, it is very significant that you are at ease and light-weighted without any extra load and fuss of wires. It helps you to manage to catch the prey.
    If your fishfinder is too large, the tug of war between the fisher and fish can be disrupted. And may result in the Fisher falling in the water.
  • Depth
    It can explore an area of water as deep as 100ft (30m). Cast in the water and see the immediate results. It displays whole bottom contour and fish detailing on your smart device.
  • Military Grade Specsbest fish finder for kayak 01
    Laced with advanced military grade specs, this fishfinder is functional in various weather conditions like kayaking and ice fishing. The sonar transducer in downward positioning ensures excellent resolution in all weather conditions.
  • Appearance
    It has a protective rubber coating that keeps it safe and waterproof.
  • Battery
    Long battery life keeps the device on the go for continuous 8 hours.
  • Handy
    Small and convenient in size, it is easy to carry and quite conveniently fits in your pocket.
  • Bluetooth
    It functions with advanced Bluetooth technology.

Deeper Smart Portable Fish Finder Review

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  • Portable and Small
    A small-sized watercraft should have a handy fishfinder. Just like Deeper sonar. Light in weight and ball-like size makes it the best for a kayak.
  • Arm mount
    A flexible arm mount can fasten it to the kayak.
  • Deeper App
    Turn on the boat mode, and all the related data is on your device’s screen.best fish finder for kayak 02
  • GPS
    It comes with built-in GPS technology. It guides you on various fishing spots.
  • Maps
    An enabled map feature helps you discover the previously located fishing waterways.
  • Bluetooth/wireless
    Bluetooth technology transfers the complete data to your device.
  • Dual Frequency Sonar
    It allows covering a wider range of area for hunting fish.
  • Smart Display
    Mounted to the kayak, get all the sonar readings to your smart device (Apple iOS or Android).
  • Battery: Li-Poly. 6H.

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