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Fishfinders are marine devices that have been a part of angling and fishing from many decades. Previously, traditional fishfinders have rocked angling but with time, latest innovations have revolutionized fishfinders. And now handheld fish finder have replaced the traditional ones. More and more professional anglers are opting for these handheld fish finders. And they have a lot of good reasons for doing so. Let’s take a closer look at why you should choose one of these and what these handy features these have and how do they perform to give you the best fishing experience.

What Is Handheld Fish Finder ?

Unlike the traditional fishfinders, handdeld fishfinders are preferred for many obvious reasons. These are portable, easy to use, easy to carry and above all, they own many all-in-one types of features. Let’s take a look at the most common type of handle fishfinders.

  • They are smaller in size. Unlike the large squared boxes like the traditional ones.
  • Easily adjustable in hands. These can be treated as conveniently as one uses its smartphones.
  • These can be installed in lesser time. Quite unlike the traditional fishfinders, that take hours to get installed.
  • Many of them feature a built-in transducer sensor. You don’t have to carry a separate transducer.
  • These are designed with revolutionary Sonar Beam technology.
  • Some of these offer single and some dual beam options. These enable you to explore closely, what lies underwater.
  • Many handle fishfinders are laced with Bluetooth technology.
  • The LED screen displays the underwater movement of the prey both as fish ID feature or fish arches.
  • Most of these are capable of performing on data connection or Wi-Fi.
  • Using a handle fishfinder makes it easy to share your experience with other anglers by posting your pictures and status on various social media sites.

What is the function of a handle Fishfinder?

A handle fishfinder is particularly designed for the anglers who do not have a watercraft to mount a fishfinder. That is what professional anglers normally do for boat fishing. But you don’t need to have a boat for it. With a handle fish finder, you can catch the fish, sitting on the shore as well. It’s a small handy device, especially suitable for family fishing as well as for active and passive fishermen.

The reflected pulses of sound energy help you detect the underwater prey. And with the help of transducer, all this is made visible on your handle fishfinder’s screen.

Common Features of a handle Fishfinder

Let’s take a look at the common features of a handle fishfinder.

  • The ease of portability is the best feature in all of them.
  • The pocket-sized packaging comes in the transducer, battery, and a charger.
  • The mobile-like fishfinder has a small screen that displays all that is going on underwater, through sound energy.
  • The graphical data that it displays, normally includes the bottom, debris, and fish.
  • Some of these feature the latest technologies like GPS, compass, and a radar.

Top 3 Products Reviews

Let’s discuss!

  1. Eoncore Portable LCD display with LED back-lighting FishFinder Review

    This small and handy device provides you great sonar detailing. The easy to handle device is also quite cost-effective and best for newbies as well as experienced anglers. Let’s take a closer look at the specifications.
    The simple, handheld fishfinder comes with TN/Anti-UV LCD display. It provides clear imaging of underwaters like fish, underwater structure, tall or short grass, stones and underwater rocks etc.
    Backlightbest handheld fish finder reviews
    The fishfinder has a green LED backlight. It makes the fishing easier by giving a clearer visibility of the fishing spots.
    The portable fishfinder has a 4. 6 cm wire transducer sensor. It provides sonar beam of about 4 degrees.
    The fishfinder can explore the water surface, as deep as 100 meters. At the same time, users are given the option of measuring the depth both in meters and feet.
    Zoom in option
    You can zoom in on the fishing spots and targets, just the way you like to.
    Alarm Feature
    It keeps you notified of the passing of any target. As the fish passes through the beam, a beeping sound would ring to alert you.
    The small device can be placed in various places, according to your comfort level. Place it;

    • On the hull of the boat
    • Use it as a float
    • It can be easily fixed on the fishing handle or pole. Its position over or under the water can be adjusted accordingly.

    Ice fishing
    For ice fishing, simply dig a hole and place it over the hole to get the sonar readings.

  2. Venterior Portable Wired FishFinder Review

    It’s a handy marine device to explore all the water levels and provides you with the clearer sonar activity.
    The small-sized fishfinder is manufactured to give you all the underwater structure detail. The device displays, grass, weeds, sand and seabed.
    Sonar Reading
    It gives info about the proper fish location as well as keeps you updated on the level of depth. The device is applicable in river, pond, sea and all the waterways.Best Handheld Fish finder reviews 02
    The fishfinder is accessorized with a round transducer sensor of 7.5 m cable.
    Beam Angle
    A 45-degree beam angle is skillfully designed to give you the clarity.
    The device can function in the depth area from 7 meters to 100 meters deep. The user can fix the depth level in feet or meter.
    Audible fish Alarm
    A loud alarming sound would notify you, each time a sonar activity is recorded by the transducer underwater.
    The marine device is not designed for any particular use. It can be used in various conditions. Mount it on the hull for angling, fix it on the pole and let it go deep in the water. It can be left floating on the surface of the water, mounted with a cable. Even its one of the best handheld fishfinders that can also function on the ice.
    Sensitivity settings
    To get the clearer results, you would have to set the sensitivity level accurately. It shows the bigger sized fish if the sensitivity level is high. With lower sensitivity, you would simply get small images of the fish.

  3. Venterior Portable Wired FishFinder LCD Display Sonar Sensor Alarm Transducer Fishfinder Water Depth & Temperature Finder

    Yet another worth having handy fishfinder by Venterior, it offers great features for anglers whether professional or recreational, fishing in the pond, river or sea.
    The device has a white LED with TN/Anti-UV LCD. The fishfinder displays only the fishing area and not the sizes of the fish. But you can get some help by setting the sensitivity level. It also displays the underwater weed, seabed, and rocks.
    Sonar Sensor and Transducer
    The device features a round transducer with a 25 ft. cable. The device can explore the depth in both meters and ft.
    The depth range, the device covers is from 100m (328ft); Min: 0.6m (2ft)
    Beam Angle
    A 45-degree beam angle provides you underwater detailing in a wider range.
    The alarm feature in the device would alert you with a beeping sound as soon as a target passes near the beam.
    The transmitter of the device is waterproof but not the receiver. So do not bring the receiver close to the water.
    Sensitivity settings
    If you want the device to display big fish images along with the smaller ones, you are advised to set the sensitivity settings to the top level.
    The suitable temperature to operate it is about -10°C to 70°C.
    Severe weather conditions like wind, waves or cold can affect its performance.


There are numerous good reasons why you should opt for a handheld fish finder. If you want to take your fishing adventure to the next level, consider one. Furthermore, those anglers who want to keep things simple and handy, they must try it. The small size and no fuss of wires and a separate transducer make them exceptional over all others. What we have reviewed here are some of the best handy fish finders to make it easy for you to choose. And get the best fishing experience.


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