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For some fishing is fun and recreational activity. But for many fishing is a profession. Commercial anglers are bound to fishing for earning their livelihood, irrespective of the weather. Winter is a season that brings a lot of changes and hurdles for them. Fishing in winter turns into ice fishing. The arrival of winter would seal the lakes and rivers under ice.
Ice fishing is not that easy as a normal fishing and angling. Severely cold weather conditions make it hard to come outside. Being professionals, these anglers and fishermen have to bundle up their fishing equipment like best fish finder for ice fishing…. They have to come on the frozen surface to catch the species like lake trout, bluegill, crappie and so on. Even the spine-chilling cold cannot stop them from being fish finder for ice fishing 01

Basic Requirements for Ice fishing

  • Before venturing on this expedition, check the weather forecast.
  • Dress according to the severity of the weather. With all other ice angling gear, you also have to wear specially designed ice fishing shoes and ice clothing. It’s highly advised to get dressed in layers. It’s the best way of staying warm.
  • Woven hats, neck warmer, and a face mask are must-haves for the chilling, howling winter winds.
  • Wear waterproof and insulated winter boots.
  • Ice huts and burners to keep warm
  • You must have your fishing license (irrespective of the season).
  • Every state has its ice fishing regulations, knowing them well before ice fishing is a must.
  • You must get some prior knowledge about the fishing spots and frozen waterways under the ice.
  • Choose your bite type. It can be life as well as an artificial one.
  • You must have an all-inclusive ice fishing gear.
  • Ice anglers must have a compass.

Tools Required for Ice Fishing

  • Jigging Rod
  • Tip-up
  • Hooks
  • Ice bit
  • Ice tools or spuds
  • Skimmer
  • A seat
  • Fishing rod of about 3 to 4 feet
  • Best fish finder for ice fishing

Safety Measures for Ice Fishing

  • New ice is firmer and safer than the old one.
  • For walking, at least 4 inches’ thick ice is safe.
  • Use ice tool and ice bit to check the thickness of the ice before walking on it.
  • Ice is frozen over a flowing water, near the bridges and channels could be dangerous to walk on.

Ice fishing is certainly not easy with so much of fishing gear. Commercial anglers have to sit out on the frozen

surface, waiting for the fish to come. And they have to wait longer and they get the fish by luck. The severe weather conditions make the already hard task harder. There must be some great alternative that makes ice fishing handy and less time consuming. What about taking help from modern technology. Using an ice fishfinder or echo sounder can assist you in many great ways.

Getting Help from Ice Fishfinders

Electronic navigation equipment has changed the angling and fishing for commercial anglers. Unlike the traditional fishing, an ice fishfinder would let you know a great deal about the best fishing areas within a few meters.

What Features to look for in a best fish finder for ice fishing?

An ice fishfinder should be easy to carry and handy. Walking on the ice is quite hazardous and moving heavy machinery would worsen the situation more. So a small and lightweight ice fishfinder should be looked for.
Battery Timing
The icefish finder should be small in size with the powerful battery.
Cone Size
In ice fishing, a lot depends on the cone size. Being in a stationary position, you can’t move in a wider area. The wider cone size would explore a larger fishing area. Not just what is right beneath you, but it also covers the surrounding few meters. So the commercial anglers should take full advantage of this feature.
Types of Ice Fishfinders
There are two types of ice fishfinders. Their functionality divides them. Both work differently. You may choose the one you find better.

  • Flasher units that show real-time underwater imaging
    Its comparatively older technology but efficiently provides you with all the detailing between you and the bottom. For ice fishing, it could be a perfect choice.
  • 2D sonar with graph detailing
    This would display a detailed graph of what’s happening underwater. You could switch to the flasher mode with it.
    Both are highly functional and work in their ways. The choice is simply yours.

Products Reviews of Ice fishfinders

Deeper Smart Portable Fish Finder Review

It’s a product known for its reliability and portability. It’s a cold resistant wireless sonar fishfinder. Laced with latest Bluetooth technology, the device quickly switches from a regular fishing mode to the ice fishing. Deeper is compatible with Android 2.3+ and iOS 5+ smartphone and tablet.
The device is just 2.5ins / 65mm in diameter which quickly makes it fit in the ice hole and perform well. It would naturally perform better than any other ice fishfinder with complexed cable equipment to take care of. Li-Poly. 6H battery gives an excellent functioning time.
How it Works?
Once you have drilled the ice fishing hole, put the ball-like Deeper sonar in it. Don’t forget to fasten it to your fishing line before dropping in the hole.
The Free-Deeper app allows a particular interface on your device (mobile or tab). Activate the traditional ice fishing flasher screen on the instrument to get the data from underwater. Amplitude Scope Mode would assist the device in functioning for tracking the lure.
The split-screen option gives you two in one view of both ice fishing and regular one simultaneously.
Zoom feature makes it easy to view the terrain carefully on the vertical flasher (right side of the screen) and gives a better understanding of the fish and structures.

best fish finder for ice fishing 02

FishHunter Directional 3D Wi-Fi Wireless Review

It’s yet another wholesome fishfinder with a small size. The size is as small that it easily fits in your pocket. This handy fishfinder is laced with five tri-frequency transducers.
It’s technically advanced patented technology; you can get the underwater views, as deep as 160ft and as wide as 200ft. Wi-Fi technology would keep you updated with the data gathered by the device.
3D Bottom Mapping shows the area of your favorite fishing spots. With GPS technology, you can save your favorite fishing spots. All you need is to install the fish hunter app in your device.
3D Bottom Contouring makes sure that you get the life-like images of the underwater terrain. Its gives you more fishing catch rate in less time. It has the capability of identifying the structures quickly.
1 Lithium ion batteries provide you a reasonable fishing time.
How it Works?
Not only the regular fishing but this fish finder works equally well for ice fishing. This device is capable of working in the chilling environment in the temperature about 20˚F (-30˚C).
Its directional casting technology guides you about where to cast your line. In ice fishing, it is hard to know about the fishing spots. Just drop this ice fishfinder in the fishing hole, and you would get all the depth and bottom details on your device.
Open the app, click on the start fishing and then press ice fishing option. And experience a whole new world of ice fish finder for ice fishing 03


If compared to traditional ice fishing, fishfinders are handier and easy to operate. With such a cheap fishing gear, you will get improved catch rate. Time-saving quality is surely a great plus.

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