Reviews Of The Deeper Fish Finder

Deeper wireless, smart sonar is one-of-a-kind fish finder with so many attractive features that make it the first choice for the amateurs as well as for the experienced fishermen all around the world. Finding an underwater prey have never been such handy and convenient task as deeper sonar has made it. The Deeper fish finder is 100% compatible with 7000+ iOS and Android devices. With its advanced Bluetooth technology, it not only sends data, but it also keeps you updated of all the movements around or under the boat.

Areas of Functionality

Designed with full-time built-in functionality to operate in areas like; pond, lake, river, and sea. Equally suitable for boat fishing, href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>kayak fishing, angling, ice fishing and other countless ways. Let’s take a deep look into the product and review it in detail.

Why Is Deeper Fish Finder Highly Recommended?

We recommend this wireless Bluetooth fishing product due to many good and positive reasons. Let’s take a look at them.

  • The Bluetooth, wireless sonar is designed professionally to perform both in fresh and salt water. In the areas around 1.5 ft. (0.5 m) to ~130 ft. (40 m) underwater. So you do not have to buy different devices for both water conditions. It’s an all-inclusive package made to give you the best.
  • With an overall weight of 0.22 pound/ 100 gram (so light) and 2.6-inch/ 65 millimeter diameter, the device is quite easy to manage.
  • All you need is to attach wireless sonar to the fishing line, and it starts the search deeper fish finder reviews 01
  • Temperatures are not always the same underwater, and it keeps on fluctuating. And temperatures may also affect the fishing process. Designed with special temperature sensors, it always gives accurate info about it.
  • Smart imaging technology with sonar accuracy shots, gives you the best visibility of the underwater species and structures clearly.
  • The Bluetooth device claims (which is true) to give you access to the deep underwater areas. Where it’s quite hard to navigate for other such devices. That is all because of the mounting solutions, this castable device is designed with.
  • Specially designed with dual beam technology, it gives you the wider and clearer view of the species and structures underwater.
  • Finding all the sonar readings on your smartphone or tab is another reason why fishermen prefer this device. Even if you are not in the water, off somewhere else, you will be continuously notified of the movement of the target with its advanced wireless technology.
  • No need to opt for cellular data for it. It operates without it everywhere.
  • Above all, why it should be the choice of the fishermen?  its cost-effectiveness is the answer. A gadget with such latest and scientifically advanced features, available at such a decent cost, is surely a plus.
  • All the functions of wireless Bluetooth sonar can be handled with its free app.  The app comes with various special feature.

Technical Specifications

  • Size: Deeper fish finder is a ball-like round shaped device, 2.55 in / 6.5 cm in sizebest deeper fish finder reviews 02
  • Weight: So far deeper is the lightest weight device in all of its kinds, with an overall weight of 0.22lb/ 100grams and 2.6″/ 65mm diameter.
  • Connection: With no wires to tackle, the device is quite handy. It works with Bluetooth technology. (wireless Bluetooth)
  • Range: It works effectively in a range up to 140-160 ft / 50 m.
  • Depth it covers: 130 ft / 40 m.
  • Temperature: -4F to 104F
  • Battery: Rechargeable, Li poly works for four consecutive hours.
  • Sonar type: Dual Beam 290kHz(15Degree),90kHz(55Degree)
  • Frequency: 290 & 90 kHz
  • Cone angle: 15° & 55°
  • Construction: Water tight ABS
  • Charging: micro USB cable

User-Friendly Deeper App Features

Free Deeper app comes in various customer-friendly features to make it an experience like never before.

This app can be downloaded from Google play, play store, Amazon, Facebook and Opera mobile store.

  • Fishing log: The app comes in a highly customizable fishing log. Here you can add all the data about fishes, like breeds and weight etc. The interface of the app can be adjusted according to the desire.
  • Sonar Display: The app can transform your device in a sonar display.
  • Fish activity calendar: The app comes with a lunar calendar that offers all the activities of the species underwater for the chosen area. It informs you about the best biting times.
  • HD camera: It restores the underwater images of the species and structures to give you the best idea of the target’s movement.

    best deeper fish finder reviews 03

  • Weather reports: Weather reports of as much as five upcoming days is available to keep you updated. It includes info related to clouds movements, wind speed, humidity, pressure and even the movements of sun and moon.
  • Track your History: Secure and review your recently used sonar history of around past 15 minutes, just by moving the cursor or the screen to the left side.
  • Maps: The integrated bathymetric maps facility saves best fishing spots for you. So, you have the whole list of best waterways for fishing.
  • Social media: Whatever you have hunted down, share it with others. Sharing on social media feature helps sharing on Facebook, twitter and Google+.
  • Language options: You can select from some languages, given in the app.
  • Other choices: Select between various sonar frequencies and unit systems.
  • Store: The app can store all your data in cloud services.
  • Different modes:  The app can put the mobile in different modes. Like sleep mode, low power consumption mode or wake up mode.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Pros:best deeper fish finder reviews 04

    • Easy to use and handy
    • Customer friendly app
    • Long battery timing
    • Wireless / Bluetooth
    • Two chargers (home and car charger)
    • Lightweight
    • Cost-effective
  • Cons:

    Battery swapping procedure is not user-friendly. Once the cycles of a battery are ended, you have to consult some certified technician to fix it.

Maintenance Tips!

  • Dry the gadget well after using in the water.
  • Keep the device clean of dirt, dust regularly, even if it’s not in use.
  • After ice fishing, clean it well of any icy particles. Especially, the active sonar face should be bright.
  • Its batteries should regularly be charged. Even if you are not using it.
  • he device is built with an orange main seal. Always check its condition. If you find it damaged in any way, get it replaced instantly.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

best deeper fish finder reviews 05

  • What is the best platform for buying the Deeper fish finder?
    Ans. Other than its original retailers, you can also buy it from Amazon.
  • What are the rules for warranty services?
    Ans. Deeper manufacturers give warranty service. Warranty is applicable within the first 30 days from its day of purchase.
  • What’s the shipping of deeper sonar?
    Ans. Amazon gives free shipping of sonar with terms applied.


After my review and user’s responses, Deeper is undoubtedly the best fish finder at the moment. Laced with latest wireless Bluetooth technology, it makes fishing a totally different experience. Safe and handy to use, it must be tried this season. Best of luck for the href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener”>fishing adventure.



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