Our Best Lowrance Fish Finder Reviews

From past 50 years, Lowrance is professionally creating best marine electronics. It’s first marine device was launched in 1957. The focal point of this brand is to create technically advanced and beneficial fishing products for the anglers. All the best Lowrance fish finder are fully equipped to target the structures and species. Equally suitable to operate in fresh and salt water. The products are designed to eliminate the unproductive water. Lowrance brand is the winner of various industry awards for innovative electronics. Here are the reviews of some of the best Lowrance products.

Some Best Lowrance Fish Finder Reviews of the Brand

Check out reviews for some of the best Lowrance products for fishfinding.

  1. Lowrance 000-11448-001 Elite-3X Fishfinder with 83/200 Transducerbest lowrance fish finder reviews 01

    It’s an all-in-one fish finder. What makes it special is its cost-effectiveness with so many advanced features. The product is the lowest priced colored fishfinder with the transducer. The 3X Fishfinder w/ 83/200 Transducer features a broadband sonar. The broadband sonar is designed to give you the clearer view of fish and structures with a comparatively reduced clutter, in the terrain. The device has a remarkable battery and transducer life. Dual frequency capability helps to perform separate functions. 83kHz works to give 60-degree conical coverage. It displays large habitats of the species. 200KHz provides 20-degree conical coverage for target separation. The affordable device is designed to give it best both in sunlight and in the dark. Its bright colors and 240 x 360 LED screen makes it all possible. The device comes with easy-to-navigate buttons and menu. Fish ID options help the newbies to recognize the fish structure on the screen.

  2. Lowrance Elite-7 Gold CHIRP Fishfinder/Chartplotter with 83/200 KHz and 455/800 KHz Transducer and Navionics Cartographybest lowrance fish finder reviews 02

    The 7-inch widescreen fishfinder/Chartplotter features 83/200 KHz & 455/800 KHz transducer. Multiple CHIRP sonar makes it easier to identify the targets and down scan imaging functions to give a fish-eye view of the underwater. Both work to give you great detailing and clearer view of the terrain. Navionics Gold High-definition mapping also guides well. Built-in 16-channel GPS antenna and base map are solid supports while navigating. Waterproof SD memory card gives you extra space. Furthermore, it can store fishing hot spots and Lake master map cards in micro SD format (applicable in US only). Real sonar data makes it possible to create your own maps with insight genesis. Up to 3,000 waterways can be secured. ASP, trackback function (to review sonar history), multi-window display (three-panel view) are some other prominent features.

  3. Lowrance Mark-5x Pro 5-Inch Waterproof Fishfinderbest lowrance fish finder reviews 03

    Yet another simple and easy-to-handle Lowrance product that promises fishing ease for the anglers. 5-inch LCD screen and 16-level gray scale 480 x 480 screen resolution give the best visibility. Dual frequencies of 83/200 kHz and a high resolution of 12.7 cm add more to the perfect clarity and strong imagery even in the broad daylight. Advanced user mode provides a tuning option for varied water conditions. The device features an adjustable white LED screen. A keypad backlight manages a fair view in day and night. 300W RMS sounder makes it possible to fish around the depth of 1,000 ft./305 m. Trackback feature keeps your sonar history at hand. Anytime you need to see it, it’s a single click away. One-hand-tilt/swivel view adjustment function supports easy installation.

Why should one choose this brand?

  • We recommend Lowrance fishing devices due to many reasons. Years and years of experience in marine electronics, with a good reputation is the top reason.
  • Best for fishing and ice fishing
  • Lowrance devices are simple to handle and safe as well.
  • It introduced latest technologies like structureScan, HD with SideScan and DownScan imaging. It ensures picture like views.
  • Lowrance devices come with exceptional features like Broadband Sonar and trackback. You can always check your live sonar history.
  • Broadband 4G Radar (low power & HD) to easily navigate.
  • You can develop your own map data with the advanced feature (structure map).
  • Well-packed with the best features for the anglers around the globe.
  • Even after buying the Lowrance product, the original retailers continue to assist you. As they offer many extraordinarily advanced features and capabilities to the users.
  • Free software updates are available

Technical Features

  • Side scan: side scan imaging in the Lowrance products guarantees a side to side view of below the surface
  • Down scan imaging: The feature makes sure, you get a life-like view of the marine life below the boat.
  • Broadband sonar track back: it helps to keep the record of your sonar history
  • Broadband 4G Radar: Lets you navigate through all the conditions
  • Structuremap: create your maps to make angling easy for you
  • Software updates: Keep your device updated with Lowrance all time free software updates
  • SD Card Slot: Lets you have a great storage system
  • US Maps: Detailed maps of some US waterways
  • Language options: Devices come with some languages, you can choose from.
  • Competitive Price: The best and technically fast products of Lowrance are available on a reasonable price.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Laced with advanced technology (CHIRP)
  • User-friendly
  • Best picture quality
  • Widescreen
  • Perfectly differentiate between structure and species
  • Free Software updates keep the device up-to-date
  • Offering enhanced feature services even after the purchase


  • Most of the clients give the best reviews of the products and we do not find any serious issues or drawbacks in Lowrance. The one and only complaint are about a short battery timing.


The best way to maintain the device is by keeping it clean. Each time you use it, checks it well. The Lowrance device would never get outdated. The original retailers provide the users with best product satisfaction support. The old devices can also be upgraded to the newest ones (under a 5 years’ advantage program service). And if the device is not functioning well, get it checked or repaired at a discounted price. (only from the original retailers).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is the warranty of the Lowrance device, offered by the manufacturers?
    Ans: Warranty depends on a product. Normally Lowrance offers one to two years limited warranty for the users.
  • Where can I buy this product?
    Ans: I would recommend you to use the Amazon platform.
  • Does amazon provide a free shipping?
    Ans: Yes, it does! And you may get the product in a 7 to 8 business days.


I would surely recommend the anglers and fishermen worldwide, to try this brand. If you have not done it before. A technically advanced marine fishing device, at such a reasonable price is just too good. Lowrance products belong to the largest marine manufacturer company and the oldest as well. Lowrance 50 year’s manufacturing experience and reliability by the anglers are just the right reasons to choose one for you.


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