Lowrance Elite-5 HDI Series Fish Finder

Lowrance Elite-5 HDI Series brings some of the best fishing devices for the anglers. Before we proceed to review the product, let’s make it clear, what HDI actually stands for. Its ‘Hybrid Dual Imaging’. This technology is the combination of broadband sounder and Plus exclusive DownScan imaging. Both of these technologies work to give you the best fishing experience.

Lowrance 000-11172-001 Elite-5 HDI Review

Display: The device has a 5-inch-wide screen with 480×480 pixel Solara 256-color TFT display. It guarantees great screen results.
Day/Night Functionality: The product functions properly even in the bright daylight. It features an adjustable screen and a keypad backlight that guarantees better viewing irrespective of day or night.
HDI: A conventional broadband sounder of (83/200 or 50/200 KHz) and DownScan imaging, combine to give the best possible results. It offers great graphics and real-like images of fish, predator fish and underwater structures.
View mode: you can set the device to view the water details in different modes.
GPS Antenna: Inbuilt GPS antenna makes navigation easy with advanced features like WAAS+EGNOS+MSAS. Whereas an external antenna works for customized applications.
SD Memory Card: The marine device features a waterproof SD card, other than its built-in memory.

Easy to Navigate: The fishfinder features quite an easy navigation. It is quite easy to use and handle.
Case/Mounting Design: The advanced case mounting design tends to give you easy one-hand tilt/swivel view adjustment. Making removing or reinstalling easy for the anglers.
Compatibility: the device comes with new unplugs 1/4-turn connectors are compatible with the previous devices, to upgrade them to its level.
Dimensions: 6.9″W x 5.4″H x 2.5″D.

Lowrance 000-10236-001 Elite-5 DSI Review

Innovation, precision and quality, all are rounded up in this single device. Let’s take a detailed look at some of the best features of this product.
Display: It features 5-inch SolarMAX 256-color TFT display. 480×480 pixel resolution makes sure that you get visual excellence from underwater. It comes with a light button. The anglers can use it at night and also in the bright daylight.
Down imaging: Down imaging feature lets you explore the exact bottom of the boat. Underwater elements like fish, predators, hard and soft bottom structures and other greenery are presented in crystal-clear photo-like views.
Thermocline Exposed: the area between lower cold water and upper warmer water is the place where fish hang out mostly. This device reveals this critical area with utmost precision.
Dual Coverage imaging: The fishfinder is capable of exploring the surface on two levels; wider and narrow. 455 kHz sounding for a wider view and 800 kHz for a closer view.
More Power: Elite 5 DSI performs greatly and explores the bottom structures even at the boat speed of about 40 mph.
Advanced Transducer: This fishfinder features an advanced transducer. Specifications like transom-mount 455/800 kHz Skimmer DSI imaging transducer, down looking crystal, built-in temperature sensor keeps you updated of various underwater fluctuations.
GPS: Internal 16 channel GPS antenna provides you awesome navigation guidance with the features like WAAS+EGNOS+MSAS.
Micro SD Card: A functional feature like built-in memory, lets the anglers store data of thousands of waterways. Whereas waterproof micro-SD memory card is fully compatible with the features like fishing Hot Spots and Lake Master map for US anglers. Navionics Gold chart cards feature for the anglers all over the world.
Easy to use: The Elite 5 fishfinder is especially designed to give you an easy functioning including navigation. New keypad style and quick release bracket design, makes installation easy for all. Other handy features include plus one-hand viewing adjustment and operation at-speed.
Sonar History: The fishfinder lets you keep the track history of your previous fishing expeditions.
Compatibility: The device comes with new uniplug 1/4-turn connectors, that are quite compatible with earlier Elite devices. It makes the upgrading process quite easy to any of the latest Elite models.
Automatic and Manual: The fishfinder is capable of working both as an automatic device as well as it can be set manually. It’s totally up to the angler’s will.

Lowrance 000-11652-001 Elite-5 CHIRP Gold Review

Elite-5 CHIRP Gold features all the great features that we have discussed in Elite 5 HDI. What gives it an edge over others of its kind is, advanced sonar CHIRP technology excellently combined with DownScan imaging feature. This ultimate combo provides greater sensitivity, better target resolution, and noise control feature to get the better readings of the underwater activity.
Display: 5-inch-wide screen with color display and Full VGA SolarMAX PLUS gives the best visual excellence to the anglers. The anglers are capable to distinguishing between fish, greenery, and other bottom structures.
Advantages of CHIRP Sonar Technology

  • Most of the noteworthy features of the device are the result of the advanced CHIRP technology. Let’s take a look at some CHIRP Sonar advantages of this device.
  • CHIRP technology makes it easier for the anglers to identify the targets and game fish targets.
  • It lets the anglers identify the target, irrespective of the level of depth.
  • No matter how fast the speed of the water vehicle is, the device makes it easy to mark the targets.
  • You can view multiple CHIRP sonar settings on a single display.
  • DownScan imaging gives you accurate underwater images of what lies exactly under the boat.
  • The fishfinder features a built-in GPS antenna. About 3,000 US maps of waterways, both rivers and lakes are available.
  • Single-frequency sonar operates to give you the best performance, as it operates with the most advanced broadband sounder technology.
  • Navionics+ chart card provides detailed coastal and inland coverage of the great fishing areas of US and Canada along with famous fishing spots in Hawaii, Alaska, and Bahamas.
  • Insight genesis feature lets you create your personal map with the help of real sonar data.
  • With TrackBack feature, you can review your fishing history aby time you want. This history includes structures, transitions, and fish targets, along with various stored fishing waterways.
  • The fishfinder can be operated in 30 different languages.
  • Media Port: the device has a micro SD card slot that helps you store the fishing history.
  • The fishfinder works at various operating frequencies that include; 455/800 kHz (DownScan Imaging™), Low, Med, High (CHIRP), 50 kHz/83kHz/200kHz

Benefits of Using a Fishfinder

Unlike the old times, invention of fishfinders has made fishing quite an interesting task. Unlike the past, it makes sure that anglers get more fish in less timing. You do not have to stand there, waiting with hooks or nets, for hours. You can observe the underwater activity under your boat. As soon as the target gets closed, anglers are informed of it, by the functioning of the advanced transducers.

Why choose Lowrannce Fishfinders?

Lowrance has been working in the field of marine technology since 1957. Ever since they are working hard to bring the products, laced with advanced technologies. The sole purpose is to provide the anglers with innovative performance. Lowrance Elite 5Series is highly recommended as it really helps in finding and catching more fish. In lesser time for sure.


Hybrid Dual Imaging™ (HDI)

Broadband sounder and DownScan imaging both technologies combine to give you the best fishing view of underwater collectively.

Advanced Signal Processing™

ASP feature does most of the settings of the device. The user does not have to set all, manually.

Color Display

Color display with wide screens makes sure that you get the best visibility in all weather conditions.

Reliable Navigation

Built-in GPS and detailed maps of US waterways, make sure that you reach the desired fishing spot.

Easy Menu

The menu features are quite easy. You can simply access to all the features with one thumb operation.

Multi-Window Display

These devices can show up to three panels in the single screen, to give you the best detailing.


  • Some users claim that the devices do not provide as much clarity as they advertised.
  • Mounting a few Elite 5 series devices is quite annoying. You have to connect the cable; each time you go for fishing. The cable should be integrated already.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Plz let me know the maximum warranty period of the Elite 5 series devices ?
Ans. The warranty time differs with each device. Some come with one and a few with 2 years long warranty. And a few devices come with additional 3 years support program. It lets the customers, upgrade their devices to the advanced features.
Q2: where can I buy these marine devices?
Ans. Other than the original manufacturer’s, Amazon prime is the best option for buying these products.
Q3. What does Amazon cost for the shipping of these marine devices?
Ans. These are shipped without any cost.
Q4. What time does it take for shipping?
Ans. Normally it takes 2 to 3 business days. As Amazon guarantees a fast shipping. But it also depends on the distance the product is about to cover.


Elite 5 series is the combination of innovation and experience. The long years of experience and hard work on the Elite fishfinders makes it one of the most reliable fishing brand. Those who are new to angling and the professional anglers, all can get benefitted by the devices by Elite 5 Series.

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