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When we talk of fishing electronics, they have made great advancement in the past few years than ever before. Professional anglers, newbies or recreational anglers (that probably wish for more and more fish only on weekends) all have their own needs and requirements. Highly-priced fish finders laced with ultra-advanced technologies are more appropriate for a professional rather than a recreational angler. We will teach you where to get the  best fish finder under 200. Devices vary according to the technologies. Some have all the latest features and others have a few of them. Sonar war is on and all the fishing and marine brands ensure that you get well-equipped marine devices in all the ranges, from affordable to expensive ones. Even the brands are competing each other in the realm of latest features and specifications. Irrespective of the price and brand, almost all the fishing devices today, have something for the anglers. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best and all-inclusive fishfinders.

Special Features/Specs in a fishfinder

Before choosing on one device, it’s better to assess your requirements in detail. For example, what’s your priority? A large screen, a device featuring GPS to guide you to various fishing spots or CHIRP sonar or down imaging. As all the above-mentioned features are available in devices. Once you have decided on that, things will be easier while making the choice. Let’s take a look at some significant features that are available in fishfinders.

Screen/ Display

You may find various fish finders with a variety of screens, in sizes from 3.5 to 5 inches large. As far as color is concerned, both black and white and color screens are available. Screen resolutions and pixels may vary with each device.

Dual Beam Technology

The dual beam is a great feature introduced lately in many fishfinders. It allows you to scan the underwater terrain on two levels. One beam focus on the exact location under the boat and the other (the wider beam) provides a clearer view of the surrounding area.


Not all fishfinders have a GPS. But some have a built-in GPS. It guides you about waterways and significant fishing spots.

Sonar Imaging Technology

Sonar imaging guarantees more visual excellence and clearer viewing of the underwater with technologies like;

  • Down imaging: it gives the animated visuals, on the screen, of what’s happening exactly under the boat.
  • Side imaging: with the help of two sonar beams from the transducer, mounted on the boat, you get the views from both sides of underwater.

Best Fish finder

Here are three best fishfinding products reviews. All these devices are best .

Lowrance Elite 3x with 83/200 Transducer

This device comes in a highly compact packaging with all the traits of an advanced fishfinder.The fish finder features a simple format. Easy to use menu and style, makes the fishfinder handy and convenient for both new users and the professionals. The simple menu is consisted of easy to use buttons, left right navigation keys, arrow and enter buttons.


  • It comes with a transom mount transducer included in it.
  • Lowrance fishfinder has an LED backlit. With a color display, you get to see the clear and easy on the eyes images from the underwater.
  • 240 x 360 LED screen LED color screen makes viewing the menu and all other detailing on the screen easy on eyes irrespective of daytime or night.
  • The dual frequency of 83/200KHz and the latest broadband feature gives you an advanced view of fish and structures with reduced clutter.
  • It has a good battery life and transducer life is also better than other of its kind.
  • Another promising feature is its quick-release, tilt and swivel bracket.
  • The device with its dual-frequency operation is perfectly capable of giving you largest fish arches and has great capability to search on a larger area.
  • 20 degree of conical coverage gives you best target separation of the fish.
  • Advanced signal processing feature (ASP) automatically adjusts the settings to see the structure or fish. Quite unlike the other devices, where you have to adjust the device manually.
  • Another great feature is the broadband sonar. The practical functionality of broadband sonar gives ten times more sensitivity of dealing with analog models. It plays a key role in distinguishing all the details about fish arches and hardness or softness of underwater structures with reduced clutter.
  • Fish ID option is especially designed for the newbies. This feature makes fishing signs easy to comprehend on the screen. Instead of the fish arches, which seem hard to comprehend.
  • The superbly useful device comes with one-year warranty and labor of all the related parts of it.
  • Patented skimmer transducer works as a water temperature sensor. And let you know all about the variations of water temperatures.

Lowrance Mark 5x pro 5 inch Waterproof Fishfinder

Even the fishfinders with black and white screens are skillfully designed to give you the best fishing experience. This fishfinder is waterproof and especially designed for fishing with ease. Screen with high resolution of 5 in./12.7, makes viewing easy even in a broad day light.


  • Manufactured with optimized automatic mode for the easy fishing experience, the device also has easy-to-use buttons and menus. Any newbie can operate it easily. With advanced user mode, the device can tune into other water conditions smoothly.
  • Super twist LCD of the fishfinder guarantees enhanced visibility of fish and structures under water and makes target detailing and separation possible to view even in sunlight.
  • The white LED screen is easily adjustable. It features a keypad backlight that makes it function flowingly in day as well as in the night.
  • Other then it dual frequency and sonar coverage, the device features a powerful 200W RMS sounder that lets the device function as deep as 1,000 ft./305 m.
  • Trackback feature lets you navigate easily back to the previously explored history.
  • Features like swivel view and one hand tilt make the installation of the device easy.
  • Another great thing is that the device is highly compatible with previous Lowrance devices. Eagle uniplug installations make the upgrading process of the device easy and simple.
  • The device offers a one-year warranty.

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