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Ever since the marine devices like fish finder have been introduced, angling has become quite handy and entertaining task. Whether for recreational angling or the commercial one, best portable fish finder are being used on every level. There was a time when exploring the underwater terrain was impossible for anglers. What laid beneath the water surface, was just like a speculation or mystery? They had to stand on the bridge, by the shore or on a small water craft whole day long, waiting for the prey to get stuck in the hook or portable fish finder 01
Fish finder have revolutionized the field of angling to a large extent. Laced with many handy features and advanced technology, these fishfinders have taken angling to another level.

How Fish Finder Work?

Fish finder work with sonar technology. Sonar is all about sound waves. It’s a feature that displays underwater terrain on the fishfinder screen, using the sound waves. A transducer is a device that is mounted on the hull of the boat. The sonar beams from the transducer travel deep down in the water. As these beams encounter any activity within this space, it collects the necessary data like time and distance right away. As soon as it gets bounced back, the fish finder displays it on the screen.


A transducer receives all the echoes from the water and turns it into electrical signals. Transducers are mounted on the hull of the boat in a submerged manner. The transducer is attached to the fish finder with the help of a cable.

LCD Display Screen

Available in grey, white and colored screen display, the choices are unlimited. You can choose whatever you like. The screen displays the sonar information, fish arches, deep structures, vegetation to help the anglers. The image displayed over it is measured in pixels. The more these pixels are, the better resolution you are going to get and that would surely give you a clearer image of the water world.

Cone Angles

Each fish finder comes with different type of cone angles. Some have single and others come with multiple cone angles to provide you with wider detailing.

Fish Targets

Fish finder displays the sonar readings in two ways. Either as an arch or as a fish ID symbol.

Clarity of water

Finding a high fish-rate also depends on the clarity of the water. The clearer the water, the better fish rate you are going to get, in less time. Water is filled with so many minerals, algae, and other such particles. All these can badly disrupt the sonar result. Even a great windy day can disrupt the integrity of the sound waves.

Why To Buy Best Portable Fish Finder?

As the years are passing by, anglers are opting for portability in a fishfinder. The handier it is, the better an angler feels, whether experienced or novice. A traditional fishfinder has all the instruments attached to it. They include, a transducer, a GPS device, a display screen, a compass or a radar, maybe. Carrying all these with you while fishing can be quite fatiguing.
Keeping with all the fishing requirements and taking care of all the accessories mentioned above, can turn your expedition into a hectic one. That is the reason why fishfinders and anglers are trying the latest and handy portable fishfinders.

  • They come with the built-in transducer, GPS and display the whole sonar information on your smartphone or tab.
  • Above all the size of these fishfinders is no more than a ball.
  • These portable devices easily fit in your pocket.
  • There is no need of carrying any heavy, filled-with-accessories bag with you, all the way to the river or pond.

The Best Product Reviews

  1. FishHunter Military Grade Portable FishFinder 3.0

    There are many unique and easy-to-deal features that make fish hunter our top pick of all the other portable fishfinders. Let’s take a closer look to know it betterBest portable fish finder : FishHunter Military Grade Portable Fish Finder 3.0
    High Portability
    The small ball-like size and no added devices make it extremely portable and easy to carry.
    Wireless connectivity
    The fish finder keeps you updated with all the sonar information with advanced Wi-Fi technology. All you need is the cellular data to get it going.
    Dual Beam technology
    The dual beams function, enable you to detect the water surface on two levels. The smaller beam focuses on what structures or fish are passing under the boat. Whereas wider beam works to explore a wider area.
    The bottom mapping feature keeps the history of your favorite fishing spots; you have been to.
    GPS Trekking
    GPS trekking features not only helps in saving the best fishing spots but it also guides you about the various waterways and fishing spots being used by other anglers. With a GPS, you would never get lost in the deep waters.
    Free App
    You do not need to have a separate displaying device. Fish hunter free app can be easily installed on your android or iOS device, and would display all the sonar data on your smartphone or tab. The app has many great features. It shows many phases of moon, weather detailing and a lot more for users.
    5 tri-frequency transducers
    It gathers a comprehensive sonar data and converts it into high-quality 3D imaging.
    3D Imaging
    Whole underwater detailing is displayed on your device in a 3D display. Which makes it more life-like.

  2. Deeper Smart Portable Fish Finder

    No list of best portable fish finder can be completed without Deeper sonar fish finder. When it comes to portability this tennis-ball sized ball is a must-have.
    Wireless sonar
    It uses Bluetooth technology to transport all the sonar information to your device. No cellular data is required to run it. So, it can be used anywhere.
    The portable fish finder can explore the water as deep as 45 meters approx. in both salty and fresh water.
    Dual BeamBest portable fish finder : Deeper Smart Portable Fish Finder
    Dual beam sonar beams functions on two levels. Narrow beam gives the more accurate search results while the expanded beam covers a wider fishing area.
    Temperature Sensors
    Advanced temperature sensors can easily detect the various fluctuations in the water temperature.
    Offline Mapping Function
    A superb feature that not only saves the previously explored fishing spots abuts also keep the record of the new ones.
    Underwater Structures
    Deeper sends great real-time imaging to your device. All the underwater structures like rocks, pits, vegetation, fish are displayed on the screen.
    Free App
    The device is fully compatible with android and iOS devices. All you have to do is to install Deeper free app and switch to the fishing mode. The app has many user-friendly features.

  3. iBobber Wireless Bluetooth Smart Fish Finder

    Best portable fish finder – a handy device – that looks just like an oversized water bobber was compatible with the iOS device only, but now it can also run on android devices with 4.3.
    Bluetooth Technology
    It operates with Bluetooth technology.Best portable fish finder : iBobber Wireless Bluetooth Smart Fish Finder
    iBobber can explore the water as deep as 135ft.
    Free App
    Once you have downloaded the free iBobber app, there are many great features like weather, the lunar calendar for anglers.
    Sonar UI
    It displays the fish in two different sizes i.e. under 15 and over 15.
    With advanced GPS technology, you can save various good fishing spots.
    Social Media
    Whatever you fishing experience is, you can share it on social media.


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