Deeper Smart Sonar PRO Fish Finder Review

Deeper Smart Sonar Pro is one of the latest additions to the Deeper Smart Sonar family. This new echo-sounder is not only convenient for fishing, but it comes with a host of features that will make fishing much easier.

This device is Wi-Fi enabled, and you don’t need any other network or data to connect to your mobile device or tablet. This product is also compatible with Android and iOS and so you can pretty much connect it to a majority of your communication devices such as smartphones and tablets.

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How to Use and Benefits of Using Deeper Smart Sonar Pro

One of the greatest attributes of the echo-sounder is that it is easy to use and thus very convenient even for novice fishermen. Actually, 50% of this device is located in your phone and this is the app. The first step after purchasing the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro is to download the app and then install it on your phone or tablet.

This app also gives you more, other than just navigation and connectivity to the device; in that, you will be able to get features such as fish notes and weather forecast reports. After you are done with the installation switch on your Wi-Fi network and connect to the device.

This device has a long range Wi-Fi network connection of up to 100 meters. The last step of connecting this device is to use the app’s tools to navigate and explore what the echo-sounder offers.

One of the biggest benefits of using this echo-sounder is that it makes work easy. We all like when things work out easier and that’s exactly what this innovative device does. Using this device, you will be able to map out the underwater terrain of the lake or sea, helping you pinpoint exactly where to cast your net and make an easy catch.

This device sends real-time data to your phone or tablet. The sonar images sent are also very clear and therefore is easy to differentiate fish from other sea organisms. Furthermore, this echo-sounder produces clear and actual images of fish that come to a distance of no more than four feet to the device.

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Outstanding features of Deeper Smart Sonar Pro

The Deeper Smart Sonar Pro echo-sounder is one of the most innovative gadgets in the fishing industry and the echo-sounder has won a couple of awards including the CES 2016 Best of Innovation award, EFTTEX 2016 best new accessory award and best electronic device at China Fish 2016 awards. This device has been able to win all these awards due to outstanding features such as image filter which filter out image distractions, remaining with only the relevant images.

Another outstanding feature is the internal Wi-Fi access point. This means that you can be able to use this device in whatever location that you are in, even in the middle of the amazon because you don’t require internet connection or network from any network provider to connect to the device.

Another important and outstanding feature is the real time bathymetric mapping. This shows a gradual change in depth of the underwater topography and hence users can create their own unique maps of the fishing grounds.Deeper Smart Sonar PRO Fish Finder Review 03

This smart echo-sounder is also designed to give tough and impact resistance performance. It measures only about 6.5cm in diameter and has a weight of only 100g making it extremely lightweight and very portable. It can, therefore, be used on any fishing grounds in the world with uttermost convenience.

The performance of this gadget is further boosted by its long lasting battery which assures convenient use and you wouldn’t be disappointed when you need it most. The device is powered by a lithium polymer battery which is able to last for 6hours on continues use. It also takes two hours to fully recharge this battery.

Deeper Smart Sonar Pro also offers a high resolution ensuring that images are crisp clear. This makes it easy to identify the fish and fish location. The high refresh rate of fifteen scans per second also ensures that nothing misses your attention.

For boat users, the device offers something that you can’t get in a boat sonar. You can cast this device in areas which can’t be accessed by boats so as to use boat sonar such as under a bridge or beside a dangerous cliff.

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Pros and Cons


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the depth range of this device?
    It has a depth range of up to 80 meters, hence you can be able to get a clear look at the deep waters.
  2. Can this device be used in salty water?
    This device is designed to be used both in fresh waters and salty water alike.
  3. Can you use the device for ice fishing?
    Yes, this device is very sensitive even to the slightest movement and conditions under the ice, transmitting real-time images on the ice fishing flasher modes.
  4. Can the Deeper Sonar be placed under water?
    Part of the deeper sonar will stay up and this is for the purposes of beat connection.
  5. Where can I buy the device?
    This device is available on Amazon and eBay, both new and used.
  6. What about shipping and cost of shipping?
    Shipping at amazon is free, however, due to different territorial laws, the device can only be shipped within North America.

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The Deeper Smart Sonar Pro is definitely one of the most innovative echo-sounders in the fishing industry right now. The Wi-Fi connection technology is a big plus for this product and the clear real time images are some of the features users will enjoy. This is a very efficient device and I will definitely recommend buying for easier, convenient and enjoyable fishing.

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