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How To Kill A Catfish?

Learn How To Kill A Catfish?Catfish, with their smooth whiskers and voracious appetites, are a delight to reel in and a staple in culinary traditions. However, proper handling and dispatching are essential for both humane treatment and environmental responsibility. Here we learn how to kill a catfish the right way.Indeed, catfish are special. They particularly […]

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Can You Eat Mudfish?

It’s amazing that some people still debate on can you eat Mudfish or not. There are still those who enjoy catching and releasing it but it’s not a popular practice like for the bass fish. Some even kill the mudfish for no good reason or thinking they eat many of the fish they are supposed […]

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The Best Tasting Freshwater Fish

The best tasting freshwater fish is a topic that fishermen discuss quite often. Most anglers have different opinions because of the different species they catch in their native locations. Here are the best freshwater fish that are generally recognized as good table fare: Top 7 The Best Tasting Freshwater Fish To Eat1. WalleyeMany anglers from […]

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