Determining What Size Waders Do I Need

The size of wader to get for your hunting or fishing explorations can be little challenging sometimes. It is even much harder when you look at yourself in the mirror and you probably think you are really short, or tall, or small or huge, and that one question crosses your mind, what size waders do i need? It is then followed by another one, how do I know the right size? So let’s look at how you can select the right size of wader to wear for the next season.

The right size of wader selection means comfortable fishing or hunting experience. You do not wish to be stalking ducks in clothing that is too large for you, therefore restraining your smooth movements.Small cannot be a bargain either because it will feel stressful and strenuous, you will tire quickly before you make a kill.

So there are quite a number of things that you look at to find a perfect fit. To begin with, you need to know your type of waders, whether they are bootfoot or stockingfoot waders. The sizing of these waders varies and that is why it is important.

Your shoe size vs wader boot size

For the bootfoot waders, it is advisable that you go by the size of the boot. Bootfoot wader sizes are just the same as your normal shoe size. So if you are size 10 for instance, just order exactly that size, it does not really matter if you are planning to wearmultiple socks.

Stockingfoot waders will offer you even more options because they come in XM, S, M,L, XL and 2XL so you can always find your shoe size.The incredible feature about modern stockingfoot waders is that they come with already attached wading calves. So you will not experience the problem that existed in the past of losing the wading calves maybe you forgot them on your hanger or you left in the car, and then you were forced to purchase a new pair.

Your body size vs wader size

So after you have taken note of your shoe size in relation to your wader boot size, the best you can do for the rest of your body is get a measuring tool and get the correct numbers before you order for the waders. For instance if you are a larger person, a size 12 stout can serve you best. If you are like 6, 7’ tall and size 12 foot, you can ask for size 12 tall so that the inseam will be proper for you.Now most expensive waders like neoprene and breathable waders will provide you with options to choose from. Our bodies are quite different in shape and size and these days we want everything custom-made and these type of waders will suit your needs.

Stocking foot waders precisely come with great size comparisons. You can get them anywhere from small short, small tall, small stouts, medium stouts, medium short, medium extra stout and more, all depending on your body physique and measurements. So there is a lot of tailor-made options in the market with modern neoprene and breathable waders.

Here is why you must ensure that breathable waders in particular must fit you properly; best breathable waders can wear easily if they rub back and forth on each other, and you don’t want to be shopping again the next season. However, their neoprene companions are not prone to wear and that is one of the reasons they are crowned as very durable.

Purchasing the right size of waders

While you might not be comfortable ordering your breathable waders online, you can visit your nearest fly shop and try them on before you purchase them. We have emphasized on breathable waders here but the reason as to why is that they are somehow fragile when it comes to sizes. But, of course when it comes to performance they are first class.

Otherwise if you making your orders online, you can always feel free to call the online retailer to raise your concerns. Most reputable online retailers have their customer service contacts on their sites that you can ask questions and explain your needs before you click to buy.

Generally, most retailers stock their waders as regular or stout categories. Picking between these two depends on your physical build; waist, hips, chest and inseam. Regular waders for the most part work best for hunters and anglers with typical to long in seam measurements. On the other hand, stout waders feature shorter inseam, however offer extra room in the mid-section and upper body area. Stout sizes are 2’’ bigger than regular sizes at all significant measurement focuses.

If you are opting to purchase inexpensive waders like the PVC, their sizing mostly is “one size fits all”. So most of these waders are medium size meaning medium foot size, medium height, waist and chest sizes. That means if you are extremely short or extremely tall like 6, 5’ and over, the PVC might not be the option for you because you will lack a wide selection to choose from.

Make use of wader size charts

Most manufacturers like Simms, Patagonia, Orvis, just to mention, have provided sizing charts in their retail and online stores. Most of them not only have a wide variety of wader sizes, they also offer you with accurate sizes. So after you break out the measuring tape and got your correct measurements, you can always consult with the chart sizes of your retailer. Their waders will just fit as their chart sizes say.


To cut a long story short, what matters most in your wader size selection is the size of your foot and the size of your body. Get your measurements correct and you will hook yourself up with the wader size that is just designed for you. All in all, always order your waders from reputable retailers so that you can always return them for exchange in case.

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