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Technologies in electronics have improved with the passage of time. Now they are more reliable to use. But these devices can also fail sometimes and have malfunctioned. In Fish Finder, the common errors that users come across are resolvable. They are fixable without any difficulties most of the times. You can counter the problems even when you are new in using the Fish Finder. Users can read the product manual to know about their type of problem. Then they can consult the Trouble Shooting part in the manual as well as getting some Fish Finder Help. The options aren’t limited to that for the help providence. In the product manual, there is link available of the Help centre for help. The contact numbers are also provided along.
There are different brands in Fish finder. Many have their specific methods to resolve the issues. The most common way to resolve any problem in electronics is to use the Restore Factory Settings option. If there are issues created due to settings option, can be reset many times using this option alone. Other than issues raised due to mistakes in setting, there can be other complications too.
While using Fish Finder, there are common issues that users come across. There are issues of display, unit won’t start or turn on Fish ID Identifier issues. Mistakes in reading the measurements of the depth, noise creation and many other issues are also created. It would be easier to explain the problems by providing the example of some model. But many models have common functionality and features and have common solutions.
In the Fish Finder, the major problem is the display. In the device, the display screen can become faded or foggy or even blacks out. If the display has this type of issue, the Fish Finder needs the service if other methods don’t work out.

  • In case the display blacks out, the problem can be in the battery or power supply cable. The voltage supply should be checked. It shouldn’t be under or above 12 volts. 12 volts is the normal voltage for Fish Finder display. If the voltage is too high the display can black out due to Alternator Regulator issue. The lower voltage supply, most of the time can be because of connection problem. The user must check the plug’s pin and fuse for any sort of corrosion. If it’s connected to the circuit breaker, checking the breaker termination is a must too.
    Other than display black out, sometimes the display gets foggy. This can happen in waterproof electronic devices as well. The solution is easy. The increased humidity level inside the screen can make the display foggy. Sometimes it is due to high intensity of heat or harsh weather affecting the system if left on the boat. It can also happen due to damage cause to the system also makes the display foggy.
    In the Fish ID Identifier feature, the transducer works as a sensor. It is in the shape of cone underwater. It is used to identify the type of fish and displays it on screen for the user. But the fish arches when the ID Identifier is off and doesn’t work when it is on. The issue can also arise when the transducer are turned a bit. The cone of the sensor must be straight downward for the fish to bisect the cone while passing through it. Fish arch is also affected when the boat is moving. The boat needs to be static for the formation of the complete arch on the display. Many times, the sensor’s sensitivity increase can also solve the issue. Turning on all beams of the transducer helps too because the more beams create a wider cone.
  • Cavitation is another complication caused due to the placement of transducer on the wrong spot. Near the transducers, water bubbles are produced due to water turbulence. It can cause hurdles in the reflection of acoustic signals. The slow speed motion of boats reduces this problem. The right spot for Transducer installation is where boat faces less water turbulence. The proper installation of Transducer is the solution too.
    If there is no display even when the depth sounder is full, you need to check all the connection like a plug, fuse and circuit breaker for any issue. If the problem remains, disconnect the plug from depth transducer or consult the professional. Another issue in the display is freezing of the screen. You need to go through the same process of connection checks. sometimes the cables are damaged too. Other sensors in proximity can cause interference. This makes the device malfunction.
  • Fish Finder are used to measure the depth of water too. First of all, make sure that you are testing the depth when the boat is in a pond, river or lake. Testing the depth in a little water can damage the transducers. The depth of water is also measured with the help of transducers. The accurate depth can be measured when the boat is in slow motion or static. If you want to measure the depth of water in high-speed motion you can get hull transducers. They are able to take correct measurements under high speed. Sometimes the problem is also caused when water bubbles come across the transducer. This makes the transducer unable to read the depth. If there are no bottom readings, check the limit of the depth finding capability of the device. Also, check if there is any cavitation and take the steps to avoid the cavitation as described earlier. You also need to make sure that transducer is placed right and straight. You must also take care of the transducers. Any sort of damage or marine growth in the transducers will make it unable to perform its task in the right way. The reading can also be incorrect when you are fishing in muddy or area filled with weeds. Mud or weeds make it difficult for the transducers to measure the correct depth.
  • In some models, the transducer has the option that it turns off. Make sure that transducer is on before taking the reading of the underwater depth. If there are the wrong reading of the depth, check the upper and lower limit of your installed transducer. you can set it to automatic.
  • There are times when the Fish Finder doesn’t power up. Make sure that you have checked all the connection settings. Make sure that there are no bad connection issues including the plug and clean battery. See if the installation of terminals of the power cables is proper. For example, if the red one is in its right spot and also that that power cable is attached to the control head in the proper way. 11 volts is compulsory for the system to power up. You can also test if the working of the transducer is proper. If not then replace it with functioning one and cables too if they are damaged somehow. If there are issues with the plug of the power cable like it’s damaged or rusted, try removing the rust. If it is not working, replace the plug.
  • An amazing feature of the fish finder is that it is GPS enabled in some models. GPS helps you in navigating the sea and a safe way back to the shore. But in case, if your GPS is not working, these tips can help you resolve the issue. Most of the time Trouble Shooting in the manual helps you in solving most of the problems you encounter. If your device has WAAS as well as GPS technology, it enhances the accuracy level. For instance, in GPS, you can measure up to 30-60 feet more or less. When WAAS is added, the accuracy level gets up to 15 feet more. Different factors can affect the accuracy of GPS. Bad weather not only reduces the satellite connectivity. It also affects the frequency of the unit which is used to update the system. There are atmospheric interferences too. The zoom range can also affect the view. You can also test the accuracy of GPS by storing the navigations of some location and reviewing it. Test if it shows accurate position or not. Make sure that your GPS is updated
  • Electrical noise also appears on the screen sometimes when there are many electronic devices placed near. Turn off all the devices. Turn on the display, then one by one turn on other devices and see which device causes the lines to form. Keep that device at the distance from the display.
    Another important mistake to avoid while cleaning the devices is to clean it with warm water and mild cleaners. Harsh cleaners can damage the device in most of the cases.

Fish Finders are amazing and most of the models are long lasting. And like other electrical devices you need to take proper precautionary measures and proper care of the unit. Only then it can serve you long and pay off the money you spent on it. The best help you can get is from product manual available along. In case if some information is missing or the given information isn’t solving your problem you can search your issue on the net. There are solutions available always.

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