Safety Tips for Family Fishing

We all love to spend some quality time with family and loved ones. Especially with the arrival of holidays or a weekend, many plans for the picnic. Fishing is one of the most trending family excursions. Family members of all the age groups love fishing. Fishing is a healthy option, from grandpa to the grandson. But one must have to prepare and gear up well when kids are around. Each year we heard of some tragic mishaps happened while fishing. Stop going for family fishing trips is not the answer. It’s highly recommended to follow the basic fishing safety tips to avoid such occurrence. Here we have narrowed down the basic ones to make your fishing expedition safe and sound.

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Follow the Weather!

Know the weather conditions prior to planning the trip. An open sunny day is perfect for fishing. The temperature should be moderate. There are certain fishing areas with unpredictable weather conditions. If you plan to head out there, check the weather forecast.

Condition of the water Vehicle

Make sure, your boat is in stable condition. Is it fulfilling all the laws of the lough? Check all these points earlier. Knowing the water conditions like depth or shallowness is highly beneficial in fishing.

Choose an Active Fishing Area

Instead of looking for a big one, we recommend you to look for an area with lots of small panfish. It would be more fun.

Proper Fishing Attire

Fishing areas are quite slippery and muddy. The surface of the boat and deck, all are dangerously slippery. You have to be extra cautious when little ones are around. The most important thing is the stable footing. Wear the shoes with strong grip over such slippery areas. Must not forget hats, life jackets and sunglasses. Polarized sunglasses are the most suitable ones from the fishing point of view.


There are certain things that you must have, to face any emergency. It may include a flashlight, first aid kit, map of the area, radio, cell phone, water, insect repellent and sunscreen. SPF sunscreen application protects you and your family from sunburn. For young anglers, we advise covering the sensitive areas like face, neck, ears well, with a sunblock.

Sea Sickness

Feeling nausea in the water is quite a common problem. Especially for kids. If you have any family member with any such symptoms, it’s good to consult a doctor earlier. He would surely prescribe the patient with some anti-nausea or anti-seasickness medicines.

Rain Gear

Some areas have the most unpredictable weather conditions. For families living in such locations, keeping your rain gear like umbrellas or rain ponchos is highly recommended. In case, you hear the sound of an approaching thunderstorm, it’s highly recommended to leave the fishing spot as soon as possible. Try to find some safe shelter for you and family.

Renew your Fishing Gear

Fishing equipment is worn out easily. Each time you plan a fishing trip, check closely all the fishing gear. No need to take any broken fishing tackle.

Barbless Hooks

Especially with the kids, you must carry the barbless hooks. These are easily removable without any safety risks.

Personal Floatation Device

This is something, all should wear. But especially for kids boarding in boats, kayaks, and canoes.

Kids Fishing Gear

Kids also love to have some fishing experience. Do not let them, with your fishing gear. It’s highly recommended to buy the fishing gear especially made for kids. Its light weight makes fishing easier for them.

Fishing Knives

Fishing knives are a must have. These must be extra sharp. But with kids and family around, the blades must be covered when you are not using them.

Off Limits Area

There are certain fishing areas that are prohibited for fishing. Before you hit the water, inquire well whether it’s an open fishing spot or an off limit area. The reasons may vary. It could be your safety, vegetation’s, or wildlife safety.

Supervise the young Anglers

Once you have hit the water, do not leave the kids with their fishing gear. Always keep an eye on them. They must be told about certain rules for fishing in the water. That also includes no running on the boat.

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