How To Kill A Catfish?

How to kill a catfish???" is a subject that seems to divide opinion the most. We always try to find the most humane way to put this resilient creature to death before we cook it. Imagine a fish that shows signs of motion even when out of the water! It sounds insane and only very few fish are able to stay alive when out of the water.

Indeed, catfish are special. They particularly have a firm flesh, so they perform very well in most recipes and many forms of cooking including chowders and exemplary deep frying. Catfish come in different species and admittedly some have a strong taste though this is not a common circumstance; most of the time they taste sweet especially the smaller ones. 

In this article, we will also review the best knives, traps, and methods for safely killing a catfish. 

Why Kill A Catfish?

If you’ve never done fishing or perhaps you are a novice angler, you are probably wondering why this creature should be killed, yet it hasn’t done any wrong. But, here’s the thing, this is a mysterious creature; won’t die until you kill it. And you don’t want to start cleaning and filleting a live fish because animal rights propaganda won’t forgive you for that. It’s considered inhumane and you’ll even be terrified.

Many people will tell you different ways of killing the catfish but the question is, are those methods humane? I’ve heard someone kill the catfish by hitting it on the head with a hammer nine times! Oh God! That’s massacre! Another tried sticking a knife in the fish’s head and even cutting its gills but it didn’t work.

So with all due respect we have for the catfish, let’s share with you the best way to sacrifice this beast.

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How To Kill A Catfish?

While there’s not a single method, we’ll look at a few legible options.

One of the most popular ways used by many veteran anglers is pithing. You’ll need a sharp to do this. To pith a catfish, position the pointy end of a knife directly above its brain. Push it down quickly into the brain cavity of the fish. This trick is usually sure and quick.

Or, make a small incision over the soft spot on the fish’s head between their eyes. Then slip a fine piece of wire into the soft spot. This destroys the brain and central nervous system. You’ll see the catfish shutter for a few seconds and then go limp. The length of the wire depends on the size of your catfish – you’ll need a longer one if you have a large catfish. Apart from the wire, you can nail it still on the soft spot and it will be dead soon enough.

Did I tell you to take caution when handling a catfish? It’s important. The sharp spines on the pectoral and dorsal fins can cause a painful sting; you won’t have joy going any further.

Another way of killing the catfish is knocking it firmly on the head. Most laymen choose this method. They know the only way of killing any living creature is by beating it down. And when dealing with a catfish, they choose to hammer in on the head. Congratulations!

But you don’t have to hammer it nine times for God’s sake! Yes, the catfish has a strong skull. Yet, a precise, powerful knock on the head will destroy both its skull and brain. Aim above the soft spot because the brain is found just underneath.

What’s next?

Once you have a dead catfish, obviously you want to proceed to prepare it for a meal.

Start by cutting just through the skin in a ring around the bottom of its head. This spot is where you’ll cut its head later. Leave it, for now, to give you a better and firmer grip on the fish. It also gives an edge from which you start skinning.

Then remove the fins – the dorsal and ventral fins so they’ll not get in your way while you manipulate the fish. Leave the tail fin for easy handling. Continue by skinning the fish. Not many do this but removing the skin improves the taste of the fish. You’ll need a sharp knife and tweezers to work your way from the head back and top down.

Locate the spot you’d initially marked on the head and cut trough using a big, sharp knife. Cut a slit along the belly of the catfish all the way to the anal fin. Remove all the bad bits and stack them with the head. Rinse the fish to make sure all the mess is gone.

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Follow up by filleting the fish. Lay the fish on its side on a big cutting board. Using a fillet knife, cut both sides of the fish lengthwise, following its backbone structure. Hold up the tail and work your way towards the head, cutting across the ribs. Remove all the flesh from the bone structure and your fish will be ready for the frying pan.

Lastly, clean up the mess. Put your chunks into a dish and dispose the head, guts and skeleton. Scour the working surface with soap and hot water and wash your hands before you cook the fish.

In killing a catfish you will need a good pair of gloves and a sharp knife or another tool. With that here are the best knives to use:

Reviews For The Best Knives to Use in Killing a Catfish




Giga How to kill Catfish

DALSTRONG Fillet Knife - 7" Flexible Blade - Gladiator Series

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DALSTRONG Fillet Knife - 6 inch - Gladiator Series

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The DALSTRONG Fillet Knife is perfect for precise, delicate work. It features a 7” long, flexible blade made with German high-carbon stainless steel and boasts unparalleled sharpness and edge retention. Its razor-sharp blade will glide through fish with ease while the hammered finish makes it resistant to moisture, stains and rust. With a comfortable handle made from G-10, the DALSTRONG Fillet Knife ensures a secure grip and is ideal for detailed, intricate work.

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Things we like

  • 7" long, flexible blade with unparalleled sharpness and edge retention.  
  • Made from German HC stainless steel for superior strength and durability- Hammered finish resists moisture, stains, and rust.
  • Comfortable G-10 handle for a secure grip- Ideal for intricate, detailed work on fish fillets.
  • Lightweight and easy to use for prolonged periods of time.

Things we didn't like

  • Blade length may be too short for some filleting tasks.

This 6-inch boning knife from Victorinox is designed with a flexible blade that allows it to get into tight spaces, making it perfect for deboning poultry and other meats. The Fibrox Pro handle is slip resistant and ergonomically designed for comfort. It also features a rounded tip for added safety when working near bones. The high-carbon stainless steel blade is razor sharp, making it easy to debone meats with precision and accuracy. The Victorinox Fibrox Pro 6-inch boning knife is a must-have tool for any kitchen. It will quickly become an essential part of your set for preparing meals. Whether you are a professional chef or a home cook, this knife is sure to become one of your favorite tools. Its superior design and quality make it a must-have for any kitchen. Get it today and bring precision and accuracy to your next meal prep!

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Things we like

  • Flexible blade is perfect for deboning poultry and other meats.  
  • Ergonomically designed handle is slip resistant.
  • Rounded tip offers superior safety when working near bones.
  • High-carbon stainless steel blade is sharp and long-lasting.
  • Essential tool for any kitchen whether professional or home. 

Things we didn't like

  • May require more care due to the flexible blade design. 
  • Proper storage is necessary for long-term use. 
  • Some users may find the handle too large or clunky. 

The DALSTRONG fillet knife is perfect for the chef who wants maximum control and precision. The 6-inch blade is composed of German high-carbon steel, which ensures a powerful, razor sharp edge that holds its form better than regular stainless steel knives. The G10 handle provides a strong grip and balance in the hand, allowing for precise and precise cuts. This knife is part of the Gladiator Series, which means it offers superior durability and strength with a stylish look. Whether you’re filleting fish or slicing meat, the DALSTRONG Fillet Knife can handle any job with confidence. Plus, its lifetime warranty ensures quality performance without fail. All in all, this is an excellent choice for the discerning chef. 

Things we like

  • 6-inch German high-carbon steel blade, razor sharp and long-lasting
  • G10 handle offers superior grip and balance
  • Stylish look from the Gladiator series
  • Lifetime warranty for peace of mind 

Things we didn't like

  • Handle may become slippery when wet 
  • Blade has a tendency to rust if not cared for properly 

This set includes five professional-grade knives, perfect for any outdoor angler. The set includes two stainless steel blades, one Flex-Cut blade, one ReelFlex blade, and a pair of durable sheaths to protect them while out on the water. The interchangeable blades make it easy to swap out different styles depending on the task at hand. Plus, the blades are serrated for extra cutting power and corrosion resistance. This complete set is ideal for filleting, gutting, skinning, scaling, and trimming a variety of fish.

Things we like

  • It includes five professional-grade knives, perfect for outdoor anglers. 
  • The interchangeable blades make it easy to swap out different styles depending on the task at hand.
  • The blades are serrated for extra cutting power and corrosion resistance.
  • It comes with a pair of durable sheaths to protect them while out on the water.
  • The set is ideal for filleting, gutting, skinning, scaling, and trimming a variety of fish. 

Things we didn't like

  • It may be too expensive for some anglers. 
  • The blades may not hold up well over long-term use.
  • The sheaths may not provide adequate protection for the blades.
  • It is only available in a five-piece set. 

Wrap up

Repeat the various ways and steps we’ve mentioned above and you’ll soon become an expert catfish killer. All you need is practice and a little courage. Once again, take care when handling this type of fish. We hope the catfish won’t freak you out again.

Do you know any other way of killing a catfish? Share with us in the comment section. And if you loved our style, let us know your success story. Bliss.

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