How A Small Trolling Motor Battery Plays a Crucial Role in Fishing

Fishing, no doubt, is a wonderful activity on the waters, and the more wisely you do it, the more enjoyable it becomes. Well, the ultimate thing that keeps your fishing spirit alive is your small trolling motor battery. Whether you have planned to enjoy saltwater fishing or the deep-water one, you must keep your boat powered at all cost. So, what is extremely important is to choose the right source of power, that is, the battery for your trolling motor.

Being a boat owner, you must know everything about your boat, right from its measurements to the right place where exactly would you install the battery. Be it a dinghy, a kayak or a canoe, you must know the type of battery your trolling motor must be powered with. Rather, you must be knowledgeable about the battery configurations and whether that would be compatible with your trolling motor, letting you fish around in glory.

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Now, if you are new to marine batteries, here are a few things you should know so that the fishing trips in the long-run get better and more enjoyable. Take a look:

    • Battery power – The capacity of a top trolling motor battery will always depend on that of its Ampere Hour. It would, therefore, be important to check how much Ampere Hour the battery is able to hold. This is a crucial consideration that helps you decide the right type of battery for your trolling motor.
    • Battery size – Apart from knowing every nook and corner of your boat, it is also essential for you to know where you should actually place the battery. For this, you should know how much space it would take to fit the battery in place.
    • Battery weight – If your boat is a small one, you must ensure to get such a battery that hardly weighs. For bigger boats, batteries of bigger sizes will not be a problem. Just make sure that the battery you have installed does not pull down the boat and restrict its movement.

  • Battery charging duration – While making plans for fishing with your loved ones, you will not actually keep track of the time you will be spending on your boat. So, it’s always advisable to spend a little bit and go for such trolling motor batteries that can keep your boat charged up for quite some time. If you are too frequent for setting out on fishing trails, getting a powerful battery is a must.
  • Battery type–As a matter of fact, you will be exposed to a wide range of trolling motor batteries. However, marine batteries can be either Deep Cycle, Flooded, Gel Cell or Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM). So, when you will be choosing one, make sure that it does not result in overheating the boat. However, AGM battery is among the best in the lot that is considered by many trolling motor boat owners today.

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