Our Fall Fishing Clothing Ideas

Each season comes with different requirements for fishing. For a successful fishing trip, you have to follow certain rules. Clothing is one of them. You have to dress up according to the season. The improper dressing would affect your fishing performance. Fall, no doubt is one of the best times for boating and angling. Cool temperature, fish biting and fall foliage as a backdrop, all tend to give you the stunning views. It’s a transitional season, and you must dress accordingly to get the best fishing rate. Let’s take a look at some of the best Clothes for Fall Season Fishing.

1. Sun

When we talk of winter, we barely think about the sun. We don’t even believe that the sun may harm us in any way in winter. We must know that the sun is out there, and it may damage in many ways. A whole day in the open water or on the shore may prove damaging to skin. To lessen the harm, we recommend you to wear long sleeved shirts. For more care, wide-brimmed hats are a great option. Lastly, dressed in a sun mask, that covers your neck, face and ears are yet another practical idea. Many professional anglers are doing the same in the winter season.

2. Unpredictable Weather

Fall is unpredictable. One day is sunny, and the other is cloudy or rainy. Some days are all about fog. You never know what weather you are going to face. For an uncertain condition like this, dressing in layers is the best option. At the same time, for facing downpour, have something rainproof as well.

3. Stay Warm with Insulated Clothes

Staying warm is important in winter so that you can spend more time in fishing and less in the effort of staying hot and cozy. Using base layer is highly recommended. It helps in two ways; firstly, it contributes to insulate your body’s natural warmth. Secondly, it helps your body moisture to evaporate and keeps you dry. Do not forget to wear the insulated socks. As your feet move less while fishing, so they are more likely to get frozen in the cold atmosphere. Wearing insulated socks makes sure that your feet remain warm during the whole fishing expedition.

4. Mid Layer of Clothing

Now comes the mid layer. Here you can try any sweatshirt with jeans. The hooded shirt would be more useful. Try to opt for a polyester shirt instead of the cotton’s, as polyester performs better in the watery area and can resist water in a better way.

5. Shell Jacket

A shell jacket is used to keep you safe from the freezing wind that normally blows in such areas. Though these jackets are thin in texture but manufactured with gore-tex lining, these are fully designed with waterproof qualities.

6. Insulated Boots

These are the best way to keep your feet safe from freezing in the cold water. Gloves with gore tex lining are also designed to keep your hands dry while fishing. In addition to it, a head warmer can also be tried.

7. Insects

The danger of getting bitten by the Insects is always hovering over the anglers. Other than applying the mosquito and insect’s repellent, a proper clothing can help. The loosely fitted clothes that get flipped in the breezy day may prove the great help in keeping the insects away. Each time flying or biting insects would come near you, the flipping of clothes would discourage them.

8. Camouflage Clothing

Fly fishermen, fishing in the flats with a flying rod would need to wear camouflage clothing. Your movement in the water may disrupt the fish movements. For the areas with vegetation on the horizon, you can wear the camouflage clothing. If the clear sky is the background, wearing sky blue shirt can also help trapping the fish. The important point to keep in mind is that not any other camouflage clothing would work for you. It is highly recommended that you try to match the pattern of the dress to the backdrop. It’s a cool idea, and many anglers are trying it successfully and have recommended it for other fly fishermen too.

9. Spare Clothes

You should keep a few extra clothes; in case you fall in the freezing water. You should have something extra to wear on. Instead of getting cold in the frigid water.

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