Dinosaurs Go Fishing!

My name is Mr. Guz. I am the one and only T-Rex left accidently on this planet after extinction. This is an island with me alone. A few days back, while grazing the grass, I met an old companion, Mr. Scorpio. We had some serious discussion.
Mr. Scorpio surprised: “what the hell is wrong with you T-Rex, why eating grass?”
Mr. Guz: “O’ Dear, the only thing I regret not having in my life is the gooey, juicy flesh. No animal survived. Eating foliage is terrible. But I have to
Mr. Scorpio: “Why?”.
One day, I decided to try my luck. I took a fishing rod from a fishing retailer shop. And walked off for fishing. Waiting long and after struggling with the rod, finally I got a big catfish. But something strange happened……
Catfish: “leave me, what do you want?”
Mr. Guz: “your flesh.
She bit on my hand and screamed.
Catfish: “Let me go! You already got all your specie extinct. Killing me would end mine too. Let the world grow. Make it a lovely place to live.”
Her fearful voice touched my heart and I let her go. That day I decided that from now on I will only eat greenery. :))


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