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Best Breathable Fishing Waders

Looking for a solid pair of breathable fishing waders can be quite daunting. There are so many different varieties out there that it can be difficult to know where to start looking. Should you go to a sportsman shop and hope you do not get ripped off? Should you purchase them online and hope that the reviews are honest? Should you ask your friend who has gone fishing with your previously?

All are good options, but I have already done the research and have found the best breathable waders for you. Now the guessing game is done. Just read on and you can decide for yourself which pair you want to purchase. Now you can plan your next fishing trip sooner than planned!

Top 5 Best Breathable Waders Reviews

These are much more than just breathable waders. These waders are comfortable and have double knees along with adjustable deluxe suspenders. No matter your height, your trouser legs will not be an issue whether they are too long or too short.

Due to the material being breathable, you are able to wear them in all weather conditions. The Caddis Dry technology allows your body to breathe while keeping water out. An added bonus are the trouser legs that are double taped glue and even stitched in order to keep your feet extra dry.

The only thing these waders do not include are the boots!

Best Breathable Waders for Fly Fishing and Hunting 02

Another great pear of waders made by Caddis. This is the leading brand of the best breathable waders out there on the market. These waders are also quite comfortable with adjustable suspenders. What I like about these waders is that they have a hand warmer pocket, and they even offer an attached gravel guard.

If you enjoy ice fishing or clamming, these waders will keep you warm even on the coldest days. These are, not so surprisingly, made with Caddis Dry technology which as stated previously allows your body to breathe, but keeps the moisture from the outdoors off of you.

The feet are also kept dry with their double taped glue and stitched. These are a great family investment for those who love the great outdoors.

Best Breathable Waders for Fly Fishing and Hunting 03

Come on; we needed an option for us women out there who enjoy fishing and being outdoors. We need a cute option that is not in taupe, and one that is made to fit our body type.

Thank you Caddis for listening! These are quite similar to the wader mentioned above, but they come in teal and are designed for a woman. Our waders are made of the same great Caddis Dry technology and are designed to keep us warm in all different weather elements.

From ice fishing in a tiny hut to clamming in the summer sunshine, these waders will keep water out, and our skin is breathing. My favourite part are the double taped and glued feet. There will be zero chances of water getting into my boots that way!

Best Breathable Waders for Fly Fishing and Hunting 04

After having three Caddis waders, it seemed like I needed to shake things up and bring in a different brand of waders. Allen is just as reliable as Caddis and is even in the same price bracket. Here Allen has made there waders with microspore which is a premium waterproof breathable material.

Their waders also have air mesh shoulder straps that are also padded for extra comfort (especially when wearing them all day!). Since when fishing you are around water all day, it is important that the fabric not grow mould or mildew. These waders are made of an anti-microbial treatment that fights both. They even fight chafing which is great!

Also, these are lightweight despite having a zippered fleece lining and hand warmer pockets!

Best Breathable Waders for Fly Fishing and Hunting 05

I have decided that the final pair of best breathable waders are by Frogg Toggs. These are made of extra tough fabric despite being breathable. They come with Neoprene booties which are 3.5 mm thick.

Just enough to keep you dry! The suspenders come in a Y back with quick release buckles. Easy on and easy off! The wading belt comes with belt hoops and is also adjustable. These breathable waders also come with attached gravel guards and even include lace hooks.

These are a great investment and are in the same price bracket at Allen’s and Caddis.

Benefit of Using breathable Fishing Waders 

You are probably wondering why you should purchase breathable waders. My question to you is why wouldn’t you? When you are fishing, the air is quite humid from the body of water that you are in.

Also keep in mind that waders are not just for fishing. People are using them for hunting, clamming (as already mentioned), trapping and other water activities.

Once breathable waders entered the market, it changed the game of how we conduct ourselves with outdoor sports. We now have a material that keeps our skin dry, even if we are sweating.

The hot summer sun beating down on our waders no longer makes us feel like a swamp inside. In the winter we now have a fleece lining from some brands. They keep us dry and warm; something we did not have before.

Also, most have a stitched in the bottom to seal the leg and prevent water coming in. You are now covered from head to toe!

How to Pick the Best Product - Step by Step Buying Guide

I know purchasing waders online can be quite the ordeal. I have designed a step by step guide to making it a bit easier on you! Just follow these simple steps and you will have your perfect waders at just a click away!

  • 1. Most waders are designed for men, but women and children can also wear them. Women I still advise you look for a pair specifically designed for you and the children. Caddis has the perfect pair. Let’s continue with the men’s since they seem to have more options.
  • 2. Wader fitting. This is perhaps the most important part when picking the best breathable waders. You want them to be fitted, but not too tight. Your waders need to stay comfortable, so you do not want them too close to your body. They should not be a second skin. Plus, if too tight then they will restrict movement which is something you need when fishing and getting in and out of a boat. Remember, you want your waders to fit your body, the height can be adjusted by suspenders.
  • 3. Do you want a stocking toe or not? Some offer a stocking toe while others do not. The stocking toe makes the waders all one piece. They are great for when the temperatures plummet and you are ice fishing. Plus they add extra protection in keeping your feet dry. If you have a good pair of boots, then you do not need waders with boots built in. So long as the leg is sealed at the bottom, water will not get into your boots, and your feet will stay dry. I know that is the big concern during the winter time and fishing. You want to be protected from all of the outdoor elements.
  • 4. For sizing always check the manufacturer's guide. Different companies measure differently. Also, if they have the stocking toe, you may want to pay attention to foot size guide. It is quite important because you do not want your foot to be crippled in a stocking that is too small for your foot. This is why I usually recommend purchasing waders that do not have that feature.

Tips for Using

There are many different tips I can provide for using breathable waders. Here are just a few:

  • 1. Do not wear them in moving water that goes above the knee. As a fisherman, you know the need of having to stay in control. Being in control means keeping the water at a certain depth.
  • 2. Make sure they are not too tight, but not too lose either. They need to be fitted, so you are able to move comfortably.
  • 3. Keep them sealed at all times. This prevents water seeping in. You purchased waders to keep you dry, and so you can fish, hunt, clam and do other adventures activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many different tips I can provide for using breathable waders. Here are just a few:

  • 1. I am (insert height) and (insert weight) and (insert chest size in inches) with (insert shoe size). What size will fit me?

This is the most common question. It is always best to search for sizes on the manufacturer’s website. They have their exact measurements that you should follow. Remember, do not purchase one that is too tight, or even too big. Pick the one in which your measurements fit.

If you are between sizes, it is always best to order up as you do not want your waders to be too constricting.

  • 2. Do these waders come with a wading belt and belt loops?

You need to read the fine print, but most waders do come with a wading belt and belt loops. If this is an important feature that you are looking for, then be sure to look at what is included with your purchase.

Some may only have the belt loops and not the actual belt. It just depends on the manufacturer.

  • 3. Can these waders be used with regular boots?

This is one of the actual good questions people ask. Most are asking about sizes when the size chart is visible. This is what people should actually be concerned about. The fact is that most boots will not cause any problems with the waders.

You just need to have the extra bit of room in them due to the stocking slide in the feature. They tend to be on the thick side, so if you are able to wear heavy hiking socks with your boots, then you should be fine.

You do not want to have cramped and blistered feet.

  • 4. Do the waders have a drawstring up top?

This is a feature you should be looking for prior to purchasing. This drawstring will keep the water from coming in at the top of your waders. It may seem like an odd concept, but you would probably rather have the drawstring at the top as to prevent having a wet lower half. This amenity should be listed on what the wader’s accessories consist of. All the good ones tend to have this feature.

  • 5. Are the feet waterproof?

So long as they come with the stockings, your feet will stay dry as the stockings are waterproof. You do need to wear a pair of boots for this to work. Make sure you purchase the correct size.

You want your boots to be a bit wide, so they are able to fit over the stockings. This will ensure your feet stay warm in the winter and dry all year round. If you do not want the stockings, be sure to read what the waders do not come with.

Most will have the stockings, but you may find a pair or two that do not.


These are my top 5 best breathable waders. I love the fact that women can have their own personal breathable waders that come in a trendy colour. We no longer have to wear what the men wear while enjoying fishing and hunting and other outdoor sports. My favourite pair of breathable waders is by Caddis. The version that has a wader for both men and women.

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