Tips for Maximizing your Family Fishing Time

When it comes to family fishing, especially with kids, you can’t spend the whole day in it. As experts recommend, a couple of hours are more than enough for fishing with kids. Staying entire day casting and catching fish may prove quite fatiguing and boring for kids. Most of the parents do not dare to give a try to the idea of fishing with kids. The reason is simple; they do not want to go fishing for such a short period. The matter seems quite tricky. All you need is good planning, and you can manage a good family fishing trip. Like every other problem, we have the solution for it as well. There are certain tips by following which you can have fun within this short span of time. Take a look.

Well-Organized Fishing Equipment

All the fishing tools and equipment that you are going to use should be properly arranged in the fishing tray or container. Your fishing lures, tools, and rods should be organized according to size, type and target species. The purpose is simple, once you are at the fishing spot, you would not have to spend time in getting the things sorted.

Pre-Rig your Fishing Rods

The night before your family fishing trip must be utilized to get all the things done. It’s the best time that you rig the rods ready for casting. Doing it would also save a lot of time that you were going to waste otherwise. You can pre-arrange a couple of rods for top water bite, a few for mid-water, or with soft plastic lures for deeper water. As it’s a family fishing trip, you can also arrange a few rods for kids. For kids arranging kid’s friendly bobber and bait, ready hook setups are going to save a lot of time.

Be Fuel Ready

Make sure you are fuel ready a day before going to the trip. If you leave that on the exact day of the trip, it will waste your time as well as energy. When we talk of the fuel, it’s not just the fuel for the truck or car that you are going to ride to the lake. Keeping your fisherman fuel ready is also quite important. It is highly recommended to keep each and everything ready a day before. Things are going to be far easier this way.

Food, Water, and Snacks

Obviously, you can’t go there without having all these edible items. Especially with kids, you have to have the best and kid’s favorite things with you. This may include juices, water bottles, sandwiches, and snacks to enjoy. All of it should be purchased and packed a day before the fishing trip.

Complete your Home Tasks

Many home tasks must be done before you set out. Make sure you have done all that a day before. These tasks may include, your kid’s homework (above all), mowing the lawn and other household duties.

Keep your Stuff Prepared

There are a lot of accessories that are supposed to accompany you for the safety of your kids and family. All of that must be purchased earlier. If you will buy them on the very day, it is going to waste a lot of time. These things include; a first-aid kit, a whistle (in the case of emergency), raincoat, compass and so on.

Do you have your Fishing License?

You can’t fish without your fishing license. Can you? Once your family has decided to have a fishing trip, being the head of the family, it’s your responsibility to get your fishing license, if you don’t have it. If it’s expired, get it renewed. The reason is simple; no state allows fishing without a license. Doing so is considered a crime. Make sure, with each and everything; you have your fishing license.


These are the very basic things that you can easily do to have a well-planned and well-managed family fishing trip. Everything is in your hands. Once you have done all of it, you can give the best fishing hours to your kids and family, where your children are surely going to learn a lot.

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Laurie - December 11, 2016

I think fishing is a fun activity for families. Planning is important – need to pick a place to go, pick a day that you can relax and have fun, pack the essentials, etc. It is important to check the weather before going fishing and essential to check to see if you need a permit. Great information and tips, thanks for sharing!

Reeses Fish Hunt - April 10, 2017

Great tips. Especially the fishing licence advice. Can’t remember how many times I wanted to go fishing, only to be told that I cannot because I didn’t have a license with me. Annoying? Yes, but I guess these regulations help us fishermen and wildlife from harm.

James Austin - April 15, 2017

Yeah,Fishing with family is a great entertainment. When i read over the post, I go back my past family fishing. Thanks for such kind of reality post .Have a fishing year .

Zequek Estrada - June 27, 2017

I’m actually not a big fan of fishing. However, I want to surprise my husband with a fishing trip since he’s always asking me to come along. It’s good to know that organization is essential since this mentioned that there’ll probably be no time to sort everything out when we are at the fishing spot.

Chris Winters - June 28, 2017

I can definitely see why you would want to keep all of your fishing equipment organized in order to make your experience much more enjoyable. My wife and I have always wanted to have an exciting family fishing trip, so I think that we should begin planning by getting all of the proper equipment and choosing a precise location.

Marcus Coons - July 11, 2017

Thank you so much for reminding me that we need a fishing license to fish without worries. We are planning a fishing trip in a few weeks and want to make sure we have everything ready to make the most of the time. It is important to remember that taking the time to understand what type of fish you will be dealing with can help you have all the gear you need to have a fun time and get as many bites as you can.

Brynne Jones - July 28, 2017

I like how you mentioned keeping your fishing tools organized. It makes sense how it would save you time once you get to a fishing spot. My husband has been wanting new fishing equipment for his upcoming birthday. If he gets the equipment, keeping it organized could save him a lot of time.

Amanda Drew - September 20, 2017

That’s a good tip to make sure that you organize your fishing things by their target species, type, and size. My husband has gotten it into his head that our whole family should go fishing. That’s what his family would do with his grandparents when he was young. Now, he was pretty young when they did that, so he does not remember how to fish. We will have to find a guided fishing experience to teach us how to do everything.

Spencer Montgomery - September 28, 2017

My friends and I will be going fishing for the first time, next weekend. It’s nice that I saw your post because I like the tips you’ve shared. We’ll certainly make sure that we’re fuel ready for our fishing trip. Thanks for sharing this!


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